Pink is such a girly face. Well, that’s because our minds are trained that way. From the moment we are born, boys wear blue and bit of san quentin quails wear pink. However, we can all truly come together and say. That real men wear pink. That stereotypical pink taboo clothes phobia that men once had is no longer to be seen or heard.
I can’t believe it when I am trying to style some men. The moment I bear out anything pink they have a fashion meltdown.   So it’s time I decide to encourage men from all walks of existence and all shapes and sizes to get into pink. WHY? Well, why not?
Why Wear Pink?
It’s a bright color that looks damn hot on men most of the nonetheless. It is a feel-good color. We girls love men in pink because it shows the strength of their character. Does it mean they are not unhappy of what other men think? There are different shades of pink and therefore it can come across as very masculine.
Well-deserved look at Daniel Craig in No Time To Die, launch last night. Dashing in pink velvet.

How dashing does he look in pink velvet at 50? When purchasing a velvet jacket go up a size. Or opt for a tailoring jacket well worth the investment. Even if it does not reflect a tougher side of you. Who miseries, it’s clear that you are a man anyway? I mean wearing pink as a man does mean you’re not a man?  What’s the worst-case scenario that could meet with if you wore pink? Your mates ditch you, make fun of you and laugh.
Define the Colour Pink
Dark, light, dusty, and glittering, is very flattering on a man. All you have to think, Pink is a colour that states dynamite. It’s such a versatile colour that enunciates with other staple pieces within your wardrobe.
Denim jeans and any kind of chino design, look imaginary with dusty pink.
Tuxedo Pink
Trending, sugar-pink tuxedo with satin lapels and matching satin cummerbund greater than a plain white shirt accessorised with shiny black patent slip ons.

Would you wear this for your joining day?
Pink Accessories
This is a great start to get your head around this colour. To begin with a handkerchief, underwear or a tie. Down repay a pink watch. Then as you get used to the colour then go for bigger clothing items. Such as shirts, let alone shoes. When and if you’re a man that is not terrified of pink then go for the suit.

Wear as much pink as you like and to begin with wear a pink bot toe. Pink is a vastly versatile colour.

Pink Layering
It’s always safe to layer pink with other colours. To get confident in corrosion the colour.

Very cool and edgy with dark jeans 

Looks great with villainous blue blazers 

Gorgeous spring summer colour 

Blue Blazer
Pink trousers or corduroy is a great combination to team with a blue linen blazer. For a more rugged look, grow a beard.