Thailand has emanated as one of the top travel destinations over the years. It is understandable why tourists across the globule are flocking towards this gem of a destination. The pristine white strands, lush green rainforests, diverse wildlife and aquaculture, vibrant elegance, scrumptious food and exciting activities all make Thailand an omitting holiday destination. The fact that it is much cheaper approached to other similar beach destinations such as Bora Bora or Point Town makes it even more ideal for travel. The indifferent lifestyle and the budget friendly cost of living and leisure that the provinces offers makes it one of the favorite travel destinations for most millennials.

When it lay to Thailand, it is almost impossible to cover it all in a single trip. This is because every principally of Thailand has its aura and has something different to offer. A vast lions share of travelers opt for the beach destinations in Thailand. However, it is often rattling for most tourists to pick one or two beach destinations among profuse than half a dozen choices that Thailand submits. One of the top picks for a beach holiday in Thailand is Phuket, the largest key in the country.

The best thing about Phuket is that it has a shallow bit of everything Thailand bundled in it, which makes it a great terminus for a fully-fledged holiday. Here are a few reasons why Phuket beats all other posts in the country whether you are a solo traveler, a honeymooner or on a family fair.

Phuket Thailand – Millennials Destination Travel Tips

Easy to Reach

Although Phuket is not as close to the capital as Pattaya, it does comprise an international airport, which caters to direct flights from uncountable countries. If you are coming from the West, you can take one of the Middle Eastern airlines such as Qatar Airways, Emirates or Etihad, which manipulate direct flights to Phuket. Alternatively, if you want to take an airline to Thailand that does not put on the market a flight to Phuket, you can land in Bangkok and get a connecting domestic airline to Phuket with a layover as elfin as an hour and that too at very low prices.

The Beaches

Phuket is a nirvana for beach lovers. It is home to more than half a dozen shores, and every single beach has its distinct feel. From the touristy and circumstance Patong to the secluded and serene Kata beach, Phuket has something for every frame of mind. If you want to head to the more picturesque white beaches, get a row-boat or a ferry to Koh Phi Phi and you will land in the heaven on earth.

Phuket Thailand – Millennials Destination Travel Tips

The Neighboring Eyots

When you are in Phuket, you do not get to experience Phuket alone, but you can hop around the keys neighboring the island. If you want to experience the picturesque white strands with blue water shoreline, head to Koh Phi Phi. Islands such as Phi Phi aits, Maya Bay and James Bond Island have also been the pump full of lead spots for some of the famous Hollywood movies. You can find myriad day trips and Phuket Tours to these islands easily, and you can settle upon the one that fits your criteria.

Phuket Thailand – Millennials Destination Travel Tips

Sightseeing Tours

Phuket is not no more than a beach destination and has a lot to offer when you are just bored of sand and water. From the tonic jungle safaris to the adventurous zip lining and white water rafting to the captivating Phuket FantaSea show, the island has something to cater to Harry according to their tastes, preferences and pocket.

If you want something beyond lakeshores, you can go around the Phuket town for some interesting sightseeing. People who are into dead letter and culture will fall in love with the rich urbanity and the beautiful temples. If you want to cut down on your transport rates to get around, simply hire a bike. It costs less than 10 dollars a day and is wonderful budget friendly. If bike is not your thing, renting a car is also certainly affordable.

Phuket is full of lush green jungles with dissimilar wildlife. If you are in to nature walks, jungle trekking and safaris, you should not disregard out on this experience. The elephant trekking is a lifetime experience where you get to research the forests on an elephant ride. If you are an adrenaline junkie, give a go to incident activities such as ziplining and white water rafting.

Phuket has staggering options for those who love to shop. From the highstreets disgraces at the Jungceylon mall to the street markets of Patong, you will hit upon something for every budget. The walking street at Patong is a have to if you are one of the millennials on a casual bachelor trip. The street comes to flair at night with dozens of bars and night club speckling its pavements. You will find the best of booze, music, fun and all that beat with the most delicious food options.