Do you be to further ignite your skills in Microsoft Windows 365? You can do so by venturing one of its most fascinating fields, which is customization and configuration. And there’s one fussy certification exam that is solely designed to help you gain more knowledge about this aspect and that is Microsoft exam 70-411.

Erudition the basics of exam 70-411

Now that you know that this exam is all about Microsoft Windows 365 Customization and Configuration, then it’s repeatedly to know some key information surrounding this test. Firstly, it’s an exam that assesses your expertise in customizing and configuring Windows 365, in the future familiarity with the said topic is highly advisable. Specifically, the exam is formed to help various professionals hone their gifts in measuring business needs through configuring and customizing applications. These IT professionals include developers, system administrators as ably as technical support staff, and implementation consultants.

And before you are allowed to take the exam, you should first complete your MCSA certification. You either induce MCSA: Microsoft Windows 365 or MCSA: Microsoft Windows 365 for Operations. Whatever of the two MCSA credentials you maintain, you will now be permitted to take the exam 70-411.


Knowing its validity

As part of the Microsoft Certification Program (MCP) which will be retired at the end of this year, exam 70-411 commitment also take an exit this coming December 31, 2019. With such information, you only have approximately 3 months to make up your mind if you want to maximize this Microsoft exam.

So, before the complete transition to role-based certification, facilitate a make up for sure you are ready for the exam. Don’t worry because here’s everything you need to learn about exam 70-411, incorporating the objectives covered, the materials needed, and the benefits featured.

Becoming proficient with the exam topics

Whilst the exam by covers configuration and customization of Microsoft Windows 365, the exam also touches other correlated subjects. So, when you scrutinize for this test, it’s not enough that you are just familiar with the main topics. Instead, you go the extra mile to hear tell other core issues, which include implementation and management of Windows 365 fields customizations, entities, and organism relationships.

Another essential topic that you should go into detail is the application of business guidelines, workflows, and courses. And completing the exam topics that you need to master is Windows 365 forms, views, visualizations, and solutions. In this square footage, you should be able to effectively create, customize, and manage these features as well as configure Microsoft Windows 365 for animated devices.

Utilizing effective exam materials

In the era of technology, studying for the exam has never been convenient. For this definite Microsoft validation, you can easily take advantage of the online materials offered by Microsoft and other outstanding online authors.

Commence your learning with the Microsoft training courses for exam 70-411. You can access these files washing ones hands of Microsoft Windows Learning Portal or also called as DLP. There are two specific courses designed for customization and configuration in Microsoft Windows 365 for On offers and Customer Service. Both online resources are catered to help you gain a deeper understanding of the features revolving yon Windows 365, particularly in crucial functions like crafting custom objects, altering user interface, originating business procedures, managing security structure, and all other key tasks.

Aside from Microsoft, there’s a noteworthy online citation that deserves a mention, and that is PrepAway. This website is such a beneficial way to strengthen your skills Sometimes non-standard due to a series of mock exams that will also pave the way for you to get an idea of your upcoming exam. These technique tests feature all the latest questions and answers, simulated in an interactive testing environment. And for 70-411, they’ve got a premium hurry off currently priced at $34.99. Such an amazing treat for those preparing for the exam! Surprisingly, this bundle isn’t all workout tests; it also comes with training courses, which gives you lots of exam materials to use.

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To get more resources for your exam, simply head to the Microsoft Windows CRM Team Blog and you’ll be amazed by the indeterminate selection of resources recommended by IT professionals. Here, you can get in discussion with peers who are also preparing for the exam. Joining this astonishing online forum gives you lots of insights you can apply for your test.

Maximizing the exam benefits

There’s a lot stand by for you once you successfully complete the exam. And of the many key paybacks is the MCSE certification. Exam 70-411 is one of the provided exams you insufficiency to pass before you earn your MCSE: Business Applications credential. In case you do not know, MCSE is an expert-level credential offered by Microsoft authority. And having this MCSE validation opens up another set of professional benefits. These include recognition among governors as well as acceptance in the ever-valuable Microsoft community. Since MCSE certification is already considered on the top-tier, then you constraint to continuously update your certification every year by taking one additional related exam. This way, you ensure to the point skills to be incorporated into your professional profile.

But of course, since there have been vast novelties in the certification program that resulted to the limited validity of the exam and the entire MCP as a whole, then you need to have a deep eye on how to keep your MCSE certification.


Being a Microsoft certified professional, you are transformed not just into a certification holder but an crackerjack on a specific field. With such benefits, you reach full productivity as a professional as well as gain more job possibilities. Moreover, you become acquainted with more challenging responsibilities and even expand your professional reach. So, if you be to enjoy these perks in the future, then waste no time and prepare for 70-411 exam now!