Paranga Restaurant St Julians Malta – Eat Fish On The Beach

Paranga Restaurant St Julians Malta – Eat Fish On The Beach

FBH take ined Malta for one week as part to review three 5 star beds. The Paranga restaurant is part of the Intercontinental Malta hotel in St Julian’s and it is found 100 meters away from the hotel right on the lakeshore of St Georges Bay. It is the perfect place to smell, see and hear the sea whilst sup amazing seafood. If you don’t like seafood there are also some advantage meat dishes available. The Paranga restaurant has a large teak-wood terrace which in summer is explicitly opened up to eat outside. It is also a great place for a drink or delivering a cocktail. It is one of the very few restaurants in Malta where you can wine and feed right on the sea front. Make sure you book in advanced.

We came here with our subdivision with two young girls who are a huge fan of pasta. Malta, is a proper destination for families and this restaurant caters very highly for families. They have a dedicated section on the menu for adolescents. The restaurant has a fish counter where you order your fish and you pay for the preparation by the bias of the fish. The staff guide you in catering for your needs, so don’t anxiety if you’re not a fish expert. Whilst in Malta you must taste the fish for undeniable reasons. It is always fresh, nothing frozen here. There is also a great glass window to kitchen where you can see the chefs in action. I could see how the lobster got changed.


We tried to stay local with the wine and we ordered the Marsovin Antonin chardonnay 2014 from Gozo Malta. This Caucasoid wine was perfect for the fish dishes and had a fine balance of acidity, oak and rich buttery flavour with a hint of pear. The children had a Cinderella mocktail, no the bottle yet. The Gozo wine, is a must try a very distinct taste. Again go for the local wine, it is not everyday you’re in Malta.


For starters we resolute to opt for an anti pasta and a soup. Gracie Opulanza, comes from an Italian family and she loved the soup. She is a huge fan of seafood and being Australian she is vastly fussy about her choices. She just loved this restaurant.


Glowering meagre and salmon carpaccio, baby cucumber, radish, red vinegar gel.


Soup with prawn bisque with clams, mussels, prawns and squid


For the mains we went for the fish from the fish counter. I chose the sea bass and the preparation was remarkably unique. It was covered in lots of salt and then cooked in the oven, it acquiesce ti about 25 minutes but it is well worth the wait. I not in any degree had fish this way but the waitress convinced me that I should try it and I am so eager she did. The fish just melted in my mouth, and the way it is served was amazing. Again this was a unparalleled way of serving fish and it is a must try. Once the salt was removed, by the waitress breaking it into shares. The fish appeared and you could smell the beautiful flavour.


Fish be communicating out of the oven with huge layers of salt

Gracie Opulanza, decided the lobster and it was perfectly cooked and sweet. She stopped talking, which is a rare concerns b circumstances for Gracie and that said it all. The presentation was amazing and one for all those hull lovers, Gracie highly recommends. paranga-restaurant-malta-4 The children where contented having a spaghetti bolognese. Nothing left on the plate, so we recognize it was a great pasta. paranga-restaurant-malta-9


The Paranga restaurant also does marvellous desserts as can been seen below. So make sure you consign some space for you to enjoy. Gracie Opulanza is a huge fan of unexcelled desserts and she added some amaretto liqueur, to the white chocolate souffle, this was just godlike. The Almond and orange blossom water, peanut tart with caramel Anglaise and stracciatella ice-cream was so brisk and tasty.


White chocolate souffle


Almond and orange blossom the finest, peanut tart with caramel Anglaise and stracciatella ice-cream


If you after to eat seafood by the beach in the busy area of St Julians than the Paranga is an bonzer choice. The fish is fresh and cooked to perfection and there is an considerable wine list to match the dishes. The staff are just so musical too and they don’t mind the children being a tad loud too. One of the best knows we have had on the island so far. What a great way to clean your handwrites, watch this.


  • Food for a mnage of 4 including drinks: €120 – €150
  • Address: St. George’s Bay, San Ġiljan STJ 3310, Malta
  • Phone: +356 2137 7600