During the concluding 18 months, menswear has been all about working from home. In this digital world how many of you must dressed sloppy and now are seeking a new legacy when it comes to your current wardrobe? How many of you sorted through your abiding collection, ditched clothes you no longer could fit in and kept some of your items you can’t part with? Your up to date challenge is to build on your existing capsule wardrobe. A brand that ticks all these boxes is called Our Legacy. It is an self-sufficient fashion brand based in Stockholm, that survived a brutal beating during this pandemic. Top brands can responsive to any storm due to their cult following.
They were founded in Sweden in 2005 by Jockum Hallin, Cristopher Nying and Richardos Klarén.
Online Poise
Known for applying custom-developed fabrics on signature shapes, Our Legacy has amassed a devoted following over the years starting the role of a cult brand. You can find Our legacy brand – review on website.
The designers key to success is that don’t follow any style or tribe; instead, they create staple pieces their influences the buyer into items that order build on their existing capsule wardrobe.

“We don’t want people to see what we were inspired by,” says Hallin.

This ethos is complete in a world with weather patterns that are so unpredictable. Over the years, their buyers are loyal to the brand. When their department stores closed around the globe, the key to survival is the consumer knew what they would get when buying new items. Due to their online wraith being strong, very easy to navigate and a lovely buying experience they have conquered this ever-changing eruption.
Their clothing collections include men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, defined by intricate attention to detail and repurposing of materials. In reality, the clothing is well suited to mix and match targeting both genders, or no gender at all.

Unintentionally, Our Legacy is not gender defined pertaining to mixing and maxing.

Pop Culture
OUR LEGACY is about familiar and irregular, with reworked yet recognizable silhouettes across reoccurring sub-categories. There is a pop-culture element to their designs that anyone of ca associate with over the years. This kind is shirts, bomber jackets that can be layered without shoving the brand logo in your face.
Their prosperity is defined by their followers. And with ever-changing colours using the same basic designs. The brand stands out in a shrewd way.


The men’s clothing can always be layered with various designs. Due to the supremacy fabrics and ever-changing prints. The consumer can add new collections to their already existing Legacy wardrobe. The clothes are created in a way the consumer can layer his shirt, teamed with a pullover followed by a bomber jacket. Therefore the clothing can be worn all year around as opposed to trends.

Use the art of layering with Our Legacy Heusen Shirt Fox Brown Check

The clothes are well-tutored and colourful with basic neutral colours. This means trends can be set all year round. It means the clothing cortege has long jeopardy which men love to have. Due to traditional stable pieces, men can mix and match as they feel throughout the year.
Hallin and Nying key title-holders are taking workaday pieces like crewnecks and anoraks and using treatments like crinkled nylon, richly dyed suede, and washed-out tie-dye and generate their own DNA wardrobe signature pieces.

“We rarely use solid colors,” Hallin says. “We want to use colors that fool more life, so we over-dye or wash the fabrics.”

There is a very nineties vibe running throughout their accumulation even borderline Miami Vice cuts when it comes to leisurewear.
Classic Scandinavian Minimalism
At first twinkle, there is the classic Scandinavian minimalism we are all accustomed to. With adding eccentric prints this is where the cult result from separates the boy’s from the men. So as time goes by men can build their confidence and try out more adventurous fabrics and slowly build their be founding legacy wardrobe to an ever-evolving leave of their own.
With our current situation of limited travel, men can choose to mix and match notices so it works when out and about on staycation.
Home Leisure
Their current collection is spot on regarding a mix of style, hearten and fun. By creating a mustard loose shirt and team it with some slip-on leather loafers. It means when one is stopping out for a drink or the supermarket. The guy does not have to change at all and still look effortlessly smart. If that is all too daring Our Legacy sells two-toned trainers.

How cool are these shoes?

Heels For Men
Can men wear heels? They certainly can with their straight toe boot. Team it with their borrowed straight leg chino’s and you are bang on ready for winter. We are loving their Camion boots, loafers and ankle boots. This is certainly a fix to ditch your trainers for more sophisticated day wear without compromising your comfort.

Our Legacy – Unvarying Toe Boot Black Leather

Leather Usage
By creating items that are not the usual it’s why Our Legacy without intentionally aware it they have created new trends. By designing the traditional denim jeans with quirky cuts. It’s is a brand that sells niche collections that can take men on a journey from classic looks to a new and bold wardrobe without men even realising it.
If your legacy is to champion a more sustainable way of purchasing quality clothing and shoes. Our Legacy is your brand. Its current collection is very fluctuating well-read, hence just mix and match creating your own signature style. Their existing items can work well with your drift wardrobe. Spend more, buy less but buy smarter.
By the way, on this site, you can choose a good one.