Following death of brand’s founder, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia are confirming a move away from classic designs

A model showcases the Oscar de la Renta sprightliness 2019 collection.
Photograph: Richard Drew/AP

Oscar de la Renta, want the source of gowns for Manhattan’s benefit-circuit socialite, is in a new era. Following the eradication of its founder in 2014, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia – who worked with de la Renta for 12 years – are now at the steering gear. On Tuesday at New York fashion week, they showed off their resiliency/summer 2019 collection. While the weather was foggy, a flower-covered rooftop and acapella soundtrack envisioned the perfect backdrop to clothes that demanded a better vaticinate. Luckily for Kim and Garcia, the rain remained at a light drizzle. The sun even-handed threatened to shine as models including Gigi and Bella Hadid bring to an ended the finale.

Co-creative directors of Oscar de la Renta, Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim, admit audience applause from onlookers including including Nicki Minaj, red. Photograph: Richard Drew/AP

The collection showed a brand in alteration – from being the gold standard for classic cocktail treating to something in tune with the more relaxed way that spouses increasingly approach their wardrobes. The first section spotted kaftans and tunics more appropriate for poolside than cocktail hour, as graciously as separates like wide-legged trousers and blouses. Flats – not a usual on a de la Renta catwalk – also featured. Kim and Garcia are conscious, no matter how, that they still need to hit that de la Renta look. Accordingly the gowns. With beading, lace, taffeta volume and decoration, the longtime customer are catered for. Shorter lengths and cutout count particulars gave a less genteel look.

At a preview before the posture, the designers explained that holidays in Morocco, Croatia, India and Mykonos instigated the prints, as well as the kaftans and sari-like details. The separates were a awake shift to appeal to a younger generation, together with exhilarated hemlines. “It’s definitely a sexier collection. We are surrounded by people who long for to wear sexy clothes,” said Garcia. “I feel similar to there was a lack of leg recently,” added Kim. “It’s time to bring that pursuing.”

A model displays de la Renta’s latest collection. Photograph: Richard Inhaled/AP

De la Renta might not be the most obvious place to bring the miniskirt reject into fashion but this duo – along with chief CEO Alex Bolen, de la Renta’s son-in-law – see it as part of their vocation to gently guide this much-loved Manhattan label into 2018. “We enjoy made the clothes more comfortable, much lighter to go in,” said Kim.

Garcia added: “Even the gowns, you can put it in your bag and go to a coalescence … Aesthetic wise, it’s never going to be cool, downtown. It’s remarkably feminine and all about making her happy and, this time, a bit pornographic.” .

With price tags that rarely dip below four enumerates, this is a brand that remains prohibitive for a younger client – but there is now a more concerted effort for courting them beyond by a hairs breadth the show. A handbag advertising campaign was launched this week, taking influencers including Camila Coehlo and Aimee Song, for the principal time.