A crazed screen is almost as synonymous with iPhones as the message affirming you don’t have memory to take another selfie. If you haven’t smashed a smartphone – whether during honest mistake or simply being smashed yourself – then you’ve been one of the favourable ones. And, according to new estimates, we now know how long it’ll take for the new iPhone 8 to supersede suit.

iSmash, one of the UK’s leading mobile tech repair maestri, has collated data from previous launches to reveal the lifespan of an uncracked iPhone: good 105 days, a little more than three months. What’s myriad, the company has developed a bespoke calculator to reveal when it’s most proper to happen.

The iPhone 8 boasts an larger screen, and with it, a bigger peril for a tumble. Especially when they start at £699 without a SIM possible. Buy. A. Case. You’ll drop a small fortune for a brand new handset, so an walk-on tenner on some durable, padded protection is but a thimble off the Titanic.

If you’d quite go without, know that the clock is ticking.