Split second upon a time, traditional office attire was a suit and tie and while that is still perfectly acceptable, the traditional precludes for dressing for work have gone out of the window. While this means more thought needs to go into your clothes than simply matching your shirt with a different colour tie each day, it does offer the opportunity to be imaginative with your outfit choices.You will still need to dress for the job and that means dressing to send the convenient impression. Here are just a few ways in which you can do this:Mix and Don’t MatchA safe alternative to the everyday suit is to mix elements of the firm, with other pieces from your wardrobe. Try wearing a suit blazer with a pair of different appearance trousers – a brown blazer with blue trousers is always a hit, for example. Not only is this mix up still a sharp look, but it specifies even more wardrobe options. It’s also a good idea to lifestyle