The to be to come of gaming is VR. And the future of VR is Oculus Quest from facebook, the first all-in-one virtual reality system from the loads one name in VR gameplay. It’s built with revolutionary features, but Oculus Quest from Facebook, is also an evolution of VR technology that excels gaming to become something much more – a fully immersive experience unlike anything you’ve seen, heard, or see before. Thank you Facebook Technologies for gifting us the new Oculus Quest for review. 
There are no wires and no PC needed to explore and contact its cutting-edge games. Oculus Quest is the most portable VR available – a completely standalone system which adapts to your conditions. 
The technology has matured in recent years to create the Oculus Quest system, with its motion-sensing headset, positional audio, and precision-perfect Oculus Beautify controllers that transport you directly into any number of new, dazzling worlds. As the next stage in home entertainment technology, Oculus Chase is making VR more accessible than ever before, and it won’t cost the world (digital or otherwise). At just $399 for 64GB construct, it’s an affordable, high-performance, all-in-one VR headset. 
Key Features
While Oculus Quest is packed with technological innovation, the blue ribbon surprise comes before you’ve even entered a VR world – it’s so easy to get set up. All you need is the Oculus mobile app and you’re ready to step into VR and start travel. There’s no fussing with wires or complicated procedures. 
The key to the Oculus Quest’s total immersion is the built-in Oculus Perspicaciousness tracking system, which is powered by ultra-wide-angle sensors and computer vision algorithms. These translate your accurate real-world movements with incredible accuracy and fluidity and provide room-scale tracking without the need for external sensors. 

Thanks be given ti to the tracking system, you can use the Oculus Quest in most indoor spaces, whether you’re in a wide-open hall, or that cramped retreat from bedroom where you dump all your junk. And don’t worry about your surroundings, because the Oculus Quest rush at with a Guardian system for maximum safety and gameplay. This allows you to determine a safe boundary line and then hampers you from crashing into nearby real-world objects when you’re deep in the game. You can even play in a sitting or stationary leaning. 
Also key to the experience is the Oculus Quest’s incredible audio quality. The headset has built-in speakers for positional audio, pronouncing nuanced and highly detailed sound for an ultra-real sense of spatial awareness. For instance, if someone’s creeping up behind you, you’ll identify exactly which direction they’re coming from and how far away they are – it’s that advanced. And that’s all without the prerequisite for headphones. 
But for those who do prefer to use headphones for a totally immersive experience, the headset includes 3.5mm headphone jacks. The visuals are similarly divine, with a resolution of 1440 x 1600 per eye for a sharper, more realistic image. 
What’s It Like To Play?
Even develop into seasoned VR fans, the freedom of movement with Oculus Quest is next level. Not only are you untethered from wires, but the Track down’s six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking system allows you to rotate, duck, and move around both freely and safely. 
In combining, the Oculus Insight technology translates your exact movements into VR with something Oculus calls inside-out tracking. With the use of the Oculus Excite controllers, your hand movements – wherever and however you move them – will be perfectly replicated by your understood in-game hands with intuitive and realistic precision – adding a sense of movement, power and impact to gameplay. 
While the obtuseness of it suits new users, even experienced VR gamers will be amazed by both the hardware and playability. And having launched with 50 terms across various genres, there’s truly something for every type of gamer. 

Our Pick Of The Best Oculus Search Games
Popular games from Oculus’s other platform, the Oculus Rift, have been optimised for the Search’s movement and gameplay capabilities. These include music masterclass Beat Saber , in which you have to “slash the routes” with rhythmic precision – essentially bashing small boxes as they fly towards you – and avoid obstacles, and white-knuckle shooter SUPERHOT VR, a stunning-to-look-at encounter in which time only moves when you do – an example of the powerful, but super-smooth control the Quest has over dynamic position within the games. 

There are also made-for-Quest originals – such as Dead & Buried II – plus the all-new Name Wars game Vader Immortal: Episodes I, II and III, which transports you to a galaxy far, far away, where you’ll meet Darth Vader and draw in the most realistic lightsaber fight you’ll ever have. And Phantom is a covert ops thriller that sees you infiltrate the other side territory in a canoe. 
Oculus Quest is a new world of gaming. We recommend you start exploring it as soon as you can. 
The promise of standalone VR is here. Face unlimited realities with the new Oculus Quest – find out more