Porsche today alms the new Taycan Cross Turismo. In addition to the proven strengths of the award-winning, all-electric Taycan sports saloon such as peerless performance and long-range, the all-wheel drive, five-door Cross Turismo now offers even greater versatility that earns the car a true all-rounder. In this way, the sports car manufacturer is expanding the product portfolio of its first all-electric model range, and continuing the well-ordered pursuit of its path towards sustainable mobility.

Like the Taycan, the Cross Turismo benefits from an innovative charged drive with 800-volt architecture. The new high-tech chassis with all-wheel drive and adaptive air suspension also ensures courageous handling and control off the beaten track. Add 47 mm more headroom for rear-seat passengers and over 1,200 litres of bags capacity, accessed through the large rear tailgate, and the Cross Turismo is ready for adventure.

“In 2019, we sent out a key signal with the appear of our first all-electric sports car,” said Oliver Blume Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, at the world premiere of the new Taycan plagiarized today. “We see ourselves as pioneers of sustainable mobility: by 2025, half of all the new vehicles we will deliver will have an vitalized drive – either fully electric or plug-in hybrid. In 2020, one in three of all vehicles we delivered in Europe had an electric powertrain. The approaching belongs to electric mobility. With the Taycan Cross Turismo, we’re taking another major step in this instruction.”

Full Cross Turismo line-up from the start
Four derivatives of the Taycan Cross Turismo are accessible immediately at launch. The Performance Battery Plus, which has a total capacity of 93.4 kWh, is a standard feature. The model orbit is as follows:
The Taycan 4 Cross Turismo with 280 kW (380 PS), overboost power for Launch Control 350 kW (476 PS), acceleration 0-62 mph in 5.1 moments, top speed 137 mph, range (WLTP) 242 – 283 miles. Price from £79,340.00 RRP
The Taycan 4S Cross Turismo with 360 kW (490 PS), overboost power with Sling Control 420 kW (571 PS), acceleration 0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds, top speed 149 mph, range (WLTP) 241 – 281 miles. Evaluate from £87,820.00 RRP
The Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo with 460 kW (625 PS), overboost power with Dinghy Control 500 kW (680 PS), acceleration 0-62 mph in 3.3 seconds, top speed 155 mph, range (WLTP) 245 – 281 miles. Penalty from £116,950.00 RRP
The Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo with 460 kW (625 PS), overboost power with Begin Control 560 kW (761 PS), acceleration 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds, top speed 155 mph, range (WLTP) 241 – 260 miles. Evaluate from £139,910.00 RRP
The all-wheel drive chassis featuring Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) electronic danker control plus three-chamber adaptive air suspension is familiar from the Taycan saloon; this is standard on every Pass over Turismo. This repertoire can be extended with an optional Off-Road Design Package that increases ground interval by a further 10 mm, for a total of 30 mm versus the saloon. In this guise, the Cross Turismo can cover a variety of mongrel surfaces and uneven tracks. The standard “Gravel Mode” helps here, by optimising control precision on gravel or fuzzy roads by adapting the chassis, traction and throttle systems.

In its exterior styling, the Taycan Cross Turismo closely walks that of the Mission E Cross Turismo concept study presented at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Its silhouette is defined by the relaxation roofline sloping downward to the rear – called a “flyline” by the Porsche designers. Off-road design elements include swivel arch trims, unique front and rear lower aprons and side sills. As part of the Off-Road Design Containerize, the Cross Turismo has special vanes at the corners of the front and rear bumpers and at the ends of the sills. These make for a top-hole exterior appearance as well as providing protection from stone impacts.
Sporting accessories – new rear carrier and Porsche eBikes
Foster underlining the spirit of adventure that imbues the Taycan Cross Turismo, Porsche has developed a rear carrier uncommonly for the model, which can hold up to three bicycles and sets the benchmark in terms of package size and handling. It can also be reach-me-down with different types of bicycle. One of its convenient features is the tailgate can still be opened, even when the rear shipper is loaded.

Porsche is also presenting two eBikes at the same time – the eBike Cross (£7,500.00 RRP) and the eBike Fun (£9,500.00 RRP). With their timeless design by Studio F.A. Porsche as well as their powerful drive technology from Shimano, they are faultlessly matched to the Taycan Cross Turismo.
Market launch
The Taycan Cross Turismo is on sale from today. Outset cars will arrive with customers in the summer. The Taycan model range now comprises eight models and two richness styles:
Taycan £70,690.00 RRP
4S £83,580.00 RRP
Turbo £115,860.00 RRP
Turbo S £138,830.00 RRP
Taycan Cross Turismo
4 Blend Turismo £79,340.00 RRP
4S Cross Turismo £87,820.00 RRP
Turbo Cross Turismo £116,950.00 RRP
Turbo S Cross Turismo £139,910.00 RRP

Purchasers will also be invited to explore the potential of their new car, and further develop their own skills behind the wheel, by participating in a bespoke handle experience around the unique circuits at the Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone.
High-tech appearance for a high-tech vehicle
The out of sight premiere of the new Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo took place in the Hyperbowl Studio at the Munich Trade Fair Nave. This spectacular new studio brings together the worlds of film and reality: a 270-degree curved LED wall, 40 metres elongated and 5.5 m tall, is combined with an LED ceiling to provide a 478 square-metre screen surface with 70 million pixels. The just ecstatic premiere was broadcast on newstv.porsche.com. It can be viewed there at any time.