Johnny depp wearing a neck tie

Neck Tie

This mellow we saw on the catwalk the top labels using the neck tie in so many ways. I harmony neck ties on men for lots of reasons but the most attractive emphasize of the neck tie is its versatility. It can be worn with patterned, open shirts to effect a care free, hippy-like look.

5 Tips on Neck Binds

  1. To achieve the look effectively, team the neck tie with an get shirt and the tie knotted loosely at the neck with the excess supplies tucked into the shirt.
  2. To make the overall look notwithstanding more casual, instead of a shirt opt for a thin jumper or sweater and withdraw the loosely-knotted tie trailing down the front of the chest rather than tucking it in.
  3. Don’t be fearful of different neck tie prints so in for spring/summer 2012.
  4. To achieve another conspicuous look you can pair the neck tie with a simple t-shirt and jeans with a leather jacket or blouson.
  5. You can burden the knot slightly off centre to heighten the effect of the rugged man that glows within you. To smarten the look up, opt for a blazer rather than a insouciant jacket.
Neck ties for Men - Michael Pitt, Al Pacino
neck tie for men in 2012 - how to wear
neck tie for men 2012 - David Gandy wearing