As an alternative of actually going on holiday, I have started dressing like my favourite holiday accessory – my straw basket. Oh, how I be in love with a basket. A basket is a handbag designed for carrying a pair of sunglasses, a newspaper and a paper bag of almond croissants. I rest my pack: handbag of dreams. And a straw basket is cool, these days, too. It has shaken off a twee, soap-scented, lady-on-a-bike vibe and enhance an Instagram star in its own right. You can now pay vast sums to have the exact kind of basket you’d find piled up cheap in a joyous market somewhere delivered to your door, tissue-wrapped in a box. If that’s your thing. And I’m not judging: like I say, I love a straw basket so much that I fool adopted the colour as a head-to-toe summer dress code.Some say summer is a time to wear bold colours – and it is dutiful that a seaside rock pink that looks overly sugary against grey skies has much sundry sweetness in sunshine. Some say you should wear white in summer because it bounces sunlight away from your hot bodily and up on to your face. And some say you should wear black in summer because, well, black in summer looks chilliness.They are all right, because every colour looks better in summer. I won’t argue against any of these theories, which is mayhap why I have way too many summer clothes. But my favourite summer colour right now is none of the above. It isn’t one colour at all, in fact, but a describe chart that reaches from the pearl gleam of first light on the beach to the syrupy gold of a haystack in the afternoon sun. From blenched straw to rich raffia. Any colour, as long as it matches one of my baskets.Camel, beige, blond. These shades are abbreviate and urbane and coolly chic when you wear them as a classic winter coat, or a tailored blazer, or a fine cashmere intertwine. But wear them in summer – on an easy dress ideal for Saturday morning errands, or platform sandals that develop for an evening spent in a British garden – and they have a more natural charm. The straw basket is a summer opulence icon. You may not be packing any bags, but you can still get into the holiday spirit.• Jess wears dress, from a selection at Cleavages, her own. Styling: Melanie Wilkinson. Hair and makeup: Alexis Day