Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante are not your as a rule college dropouts. At just 22 years old, the pair pulled off a lean towards impossible feat – one only matched by names like Tasks, Zuckerberg and Gates.

Like many men, the roommates had grown annoyed of the only way to find a quality watch being to spend hundreds, if not thousands on celebrity brands, knowing most only cost a fraction of the value to make.

“We would constantly talk about how other be watchful for companies lacked strong branding and reasonable price traits that appealed to our demographic,” says Kassan. “We wanted a sentry that was made with high-quality materials but didn’t get the retail mark-up like so many others.”

Having undeniable it was high-time to offer a low-cost alternative, they set out to do just that. Kassan and LaPlante promptly quit school without a single degree between them to motor boat MVMT and in the process became the stuff of millennial legend.

Identifiable ‘movement’, the brand is based on the idea that a stylish timepiece shouldn’t ignore the bank. For obvious reason, it didn’t take long for this dense belief to catch on.

Shortly after launching, MVMT befitted the second most-funded fashion startup in Indiegogo history at the metre and is today the world’s fastest-growing watch brand. In just a few poor years, the company has sold more than 1m watches to clients in over 160 countries, amassed 3.5m collective advocates on social media and banked around £46m in 2016 (look-alike from £23m in 2015 and projected to hit almost £70m in 2017).

“We’d be nowhere if it weren’t for Indiegogo,” adds Kassan. “Kickstarter had in fact declined our campaign twice, which not many people differentiate. From what we could infer, they claimed our approximation ‘lacked originality’. They’ve since loosened up their be partial to process, from what we’ve seen.”

But cheap watches on the whole look, well, cheap, right? No so. By taking a direct-to-consumer propositions and avoiding traditional wholesale, MVMT is able to use the same reward materials (brushed stainless steel, genuine leather, intensified mineral crystal) as its high-end counterparts while keeping expenditures down.

The brand’s offering, which now also includes sunglasses, stretch overs five collections, each with their own signature aesthetic but all chronic in offering impeccable quality and style at an affordable price item.

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Modern Sport Collection

Today’s everyday Sortie Man needs a timepiece that is both rugged and reliable enough for the outdoors, but one that is also suave enough to pass with a suit. That’s where MVMT’s Flavour of the month Sport collection comes in.

Designed to switch between handle and play with ease, each watch in the impressive line-up stresses a 42mm waterproof case, rotating bezel and a fingerprint and glare-proof wind-up, all secured by interchangeable silicon and stainless steel bands.

Rewarded from £140/$145. Get 15% off orders using the code BEANS15.

Click here to buy

Rewarded from £140/$145. Click here to buy.
Get 15% off using the standards BEANS15

Men's MVMT Watches

Men's MVMT Watches

Voyager Collection

There are close to 50,000 dead ringers on Instagram under the hashtag #JoinTheMVMT, taken everywhere from the top of Mount Everest to the beaches of Thailand. The travel-inspired Voyager accumulation is the perfect choice for getting in on the action.

Made up of around 10 plans, the collection is the only one to include Nato straps in a wide rove of colourways and patterns, and was the first from MVMT to feature a dual beforehand zone function, allowing wearers to keep track of the quickly both current and across the globe.

Priced from £135/$140. Get 15% off sisterhoods using the code BEANS15.

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Priced from £135/$140. Click here to buy.
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Men's MVMT Watches

Men's MVMT Watches

40 Series Collection

At the heart of MVMT’s aim to bring forward minimalist watches for the modern-day gentleman is the sleek 40 Series hoard. An assortment of 16 handsome timepieces, each houses a long-lasting Japanese quartz move inside a 7mm stainless steel case.

Like all the brand’s representations, the range has interchangeable straps (priced from £30) remodeling from shades of high-quality leather to steel mesh and metal bracelets, so you can substitution up your look without having to buy an entirely new watch.

Feed from £115/$120. Get 15% off orders using the code BEANS15.

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Worth from £115/$120. Click here to buy
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Men's MVMT Watches

Men's MVMT Watches

Chrono Collection

It’s no easy task to create a expression timepiece by focusing on fewer design features. However, that’s strictly what MVMT has achieved with Chrono. Based surrounding maximising style and simplicity, the models in the collection are unlike any other chronograph on the Stock Exchange.

Instead of overcomplicated indices and bold numbering, the watch dial confronting is nearly free of any markings, using only subtle nodes and discriminate subdials that result in a watch that’s hard to pass over.

Priced from £130/$135. Get 15% off orders using the jus divinum divine law BEANS15.

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Priced from £130/$135. Click here to buy.
Get 15% off using the code BEANS15

Men's MVMT Watches

Men's MVMT Watches

Classic Collection

The watch that serves as the blueprint for all other MVMT creme de la cremes, the OG Classic collection puts fuss-free design front and converge, fusing old-school styling with modern materials.

The deeply essence of ‘less is more’, all bells, whistles and even legions have been swapped out for a slightly larger 45mm stainless bear up case with a clean face flanked by a selection of leather and metal straps that wouldn’t look out of situate on Don Drapers’ wrist.

Priced from £95/$95. Get 15% off conditions using the code BEANS15.

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Priced from £95/$95. Click here to buy
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Men's MVMT Watches

Men's MVMT Watches

New Black Rose Edition Collection

Well-designed, affordable minimalism wish never go out of style. But that’s not to say the watch world isn’t subject to the for all that ebb and flow of trends as the rest of the pieces in our wardrobe.

Driven by the acceptance of vintage, rose gold has dominated men’s wrist releases in just out years. And so to build on the popularity of its existing ranges, MVMT has now amplified the hue to its line-up.

Maintaining a dedication to striped-back design, MVMT’s new Wrathful Rose Edition collection uses the precious metal as a recondite accent rather than a full arm flourish, anchoring the brass-tone with a masculine all-black prove and strap.

It’s a further evolution of the young, independent brand; one that attend ti it out as just as capable of keeping up with the pack as it is leading a workings all of its own.

Priced from £105/$110. Get 15% off orders using the lex scripta statute law BEANS15.

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Priced from £105/$110. Click here to buy
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Shop the full range of watches online at mvmtwatches.com now.

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