mustard colour menswear collections - winter - 2012

Mustard Identification

With the Autumn solstice recently passing over the scope and the dark nights drawing in, the palette of the male wardrobe most often finds itself becoming darker – dark shades of greys and erotics replacing the brighter, more exuberant colours we associate with the balmy summer months. But why do we sense a need to do this? Why lower the mood? As the mercury declines we should be doing our utmost to adhere to the wardrobe, more, vibrant, more, I don’t know…mustard.

Why wearing Mustard?

Mustard is such a wonderful colour to fool there with and yet so often it is like the neglected child, left to take the role on its own while the more neutral (one might go as far to say boring colours) are fist to garner all the attention.

And yet mustard goes with everything: weigh down on a mustard jumper with a pair of black skinny jeans or formal armada trousers; pull on a pair of mustard trousers and team them up with a ghostly shirt and a black leather jacket; throw on a mustard beanie and do whatever you similar kind from the neck down and I guarantee you’ll look good.

So dismiss from ones mind about the usual navy blues, ditch the greys and start pass on mustard the credit it deserves.

David Bowie - Mustard suit

Meadham Kirchoff - London Collections men - Mustard Suit

Meadham Kirchoff – Mustard Military Jacket

Mustard Colours for men - Cardigans

Mustard Trousers for Men

mustard colour trend men 2012

vintage blazer - mustard zara jeans men

Zara Jeans for men

zara mustard combined briefcase

Zara briefcase in mustard tincture

brooklyn we go hard parle francais sweat moutarde

mustard shoes for men

Yes you can even find shoes in the mustard colour.

Mustard Stain In Shops

Please browse to see available the huge amount of way items for sale with the Mustard colour.