What do I wear if I don’t want to wear a dress? And is there at all an acceptable hat? All your questions on wedding guest dressing served

Ace wedding-guest dressing this season.

Ace wedding-guest dressing this season.
Photograph: PR Company Handout

Mules, shades and a yellow dress: the new wedding-guest style oversights

What do I wear if I don’t want to wear a dress? And is there perpetually an acceptable hat? All your questions on wedding guest dressing answered

For those who possess been under a rock, or at least not reading the internet, this weekend Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate and the uncountable famous bridesmaid in recent memory, is marrying her fiance, James Matthews, relative of Made in Chelsea’s Spencer and, as the tabloids would have it, a banking “big cheese” (an under-used word if ever there was one). Big whoop, you might say. But in fact, the Middleton-Matthews nuptials sound the church bells of 2017’s amalgamation season. You, along with the Duchess of Cambridge, Roger Federer and – under any circumstances – Meghan Markle, probably have one to attend this summer. Not all of us want have to negotiate a dress code that requires a new outfit for the ceremony and the reception, as Middleton and Matthews have decreed, but here are the surrejoinders to those burning wedding-guest-dressing questions. You’re welcome.

Q. What bandage can I buy and wear again?

A. A yellow dress

Holland hammered satin ballerina dress, £149, finerylondon.com

Holland hammered satin ballerina apparel, £149,

La La Land. Beauty and the Beast. Beyoncé in the video for Regard Up. Yellow dresses – at the sunflower, ochre, mustard end of the paint graph – are a thing. The Duchess of Cambridge might even wear one on Saturday; she, too, feel attracted ti a yellow frock. The Duchess, and us norms, can avoid the dreaded twinsies visitor scenario by buying smart. A dress like this one from Tucker works because the neckline – with a spaghetti strap and bleak shoulder – is a bit complicated, but in a good way. The fact that the rest of the rig out is anything but means it is versatile, a dress that goes beyond the marquee to other trysts in your diary. And a low cost-per-wear ratio is always satisfying, put?

Q. What do I wear if I don’t want to wear a dress?

A. A trouser appeal

Floral jacquard suit, £110, topshop.com

Floral jacquard suit, £110,

Harry Styles is the habitu saint of the jazzy trouser suit. Nearly two years after his boycott and white floral suit was compared to Ikea bedlinen, the set of the world has caught up (and in other Styles fashion news, Ikea is now a manufacture reference). Trousersuits are huge in womenswear for 2017 – but they are not all concern. These ones work for Friday to Sunday, too – see this floral lawsuit (above) from Topshop. Perfect for embarrassing your associates by doing the dab to Ed Sheeran on the dancefloor.

Q. What shoes look glam but can be jaded all day?

A. Mules

Chill embellished mule, £59, by Miss Selfridge

Chill embellished mule, £59, by

For the blending regular, a flip-flop on the dancefloor is a familiar but slightly disheartening unreal – like a man in black tie on public transport. Mules are the Frow-approved, 8-till-8 mangle to buy into here. The chunky heel doesn’t sink into the squeak when you are summoned for the wedding photographer’s outside shot, and its not the good-natured of ambitious height that looks great throughout dinner but affects on the fun bit: ie cutting a rug till the wee small hours. Win win.

Q. Which shades resolution work for Instagram and IRL?

A. Reflective shades

Le Specs Hey Macarena sunglasses, £40, at net-a-porter.com

Le Specs Hey Macarena sunglasses, £40, at

Effective, you wouldn’t want to upstage the bride, but what’s a little pre-wedding selfie between compatriots? The sunglasses that manage to bridge the gap between social conveyance you and real you this year have reflective shades and a ambit shape. On Instagram, wear them halfway down your nose in the means of Kendall Jenner, preferably at night. Or just sling them on your boldness. This pair from Le Specs is just right for that lawn-based bit of a marrying, after the ceremony but before the sit-down dinner.

Q. What bag doesn’t look outlandish, and allows me to hold a glass of fizz and bring the usual keys, long green and phone?

A. A silver wristlet

Contrast Leather Zip Pouch, £39, John Lewis

Contrast Leather Zip Pouch, £39,
John Lewis

As each in fashion knows, silver is a neutral. Buying a silver bag, then, is basically a money-saving progress. As for the wedding-specific problem of a bag that looks vaguely dressy, outspeaks your hands to hold alcohol and canapes and also admits you to carry more than a 10p piece, the wristlet is your SW compadre. Just try not to pity fellow guests with clutches burn the midnight oiled into their armpits too much.

Q. What do I wear when it wriggles cold without resorting to “cover-up” territory?

A. A cardigan

Shimmery cardigan, £15.99, Zara.com

Shimmery cardigan, £15.99,
zara.com Photograph: PR circle handout

Yes, you read that right. Cardigans, more predominantly worn with a Breton top and ballet flats by the likes of Carole Middleton, are prevalent high fashion. They were on the Christopher Kane catwalk, no miniature. That makes them totally allowed for a wedding – notwithstanding not even Carole will be wearing one of those brightly flush cotton-blend ones. Instead, go for something with a bit of glitz far it. This Zara cardigan has a good combination of standard pattern and shimmery finish that Kane would approve of.

Q. Is there an all right hat?

A. No

Q. OK, well what prop can I bring then?

A. A fan

Tinkerbell fan, £60, fernfans.com

Tinkerbell fan, £60,

Freaks have waited a long time for social media – they force been around since the fourth century. But the patience has even a scored off. They are the accessory of this summer: Karl Lagerfeld similar kinds them; Rihanna had one to walk in her Fenty show; and they are far on Instagram. This makes the fan the perfect prop for a wedding.