I suffer with experienced quite a few Mövenpick Hotels around the globe, and I have always been a fan of the interior design, food and drinks these lodgings have on offer. This time I am staying at the brand new Mövenpick Hotel The Hague, right in the government capital of the Netherlands. This caravanserai is situated in the heart of The Hague.

To find where it is I noticed this wonderful landmark which is a stunning construction and the hotel is just on the right on a leafy side street from this building and the Dutch Royal Palace.

The Princely Palace Nooreinde

The hotel is located a stone’s throw away from the shopping street Nooreinde, so I could workshop return to the hotel and shop again.
The brand new Mövenpick Hotel The Hague is a flagship hotel for Europe for this mark. Whatever goes on in this hotel, does not happen anywhere else in other Mövenpick hotels. This moulded my stay was a special Mövenpick stay. The interior design was commissioned by Wilson Associates a renowned New York design proprietorship.  The interior design has some warehouse elements combined with playful furniture creating defined spaces. In the collections, some ceilings are black which is very different.

This is the dining area of the hotel.

A very unique reception awaited me, the freestanding desk is a nice way to meet and greet guests. The endless amounts of rare seating areas throughout the hotel is wonderful and very colourful. The by Noa Coffee & Wine lounge coffee bar and outdoor capacity are lovely to have so central in The Hague. It is a quiet leafy street. Make sure you ask to test some of the coffee’s they take on offer. Very exclusive to the hotel and a wonderful experience.

I liked the tiles in the reception inspired by the famous Delftware.

The vogue 72-room boutique hotel with wooden interior staircases is an excellent example of contemporary style.

This platform staircase is lovely to walk up and down and take in this interior design. Holland loves its oak and natural wood household goods. Make sure you take the stairs to your room when you can.
Executive King Sleep
If sleep is what you are request then this is your room. This room is pretty soundproof and features blackout curtains. That is why I rested so very well and could do lots of work. When I woke up and opened the windows I loved hearing the seagulls and church bells. The Leadership King SLEEP is 35 to 39 sqm in size with plenty of natural lighting. It is very unusual to have so tons windows and natural light, I loved this room for that. The interior design and colours are so relaxing. I liked the assigned working station and the super stylish and comfortable lounge.  The coffee machine and tea available was of a very high standard. The plan and practicality of this area were nice to experience. I love my coffee, The EXTRA+ Free Mövenpick coffee capsules were a salutation treat. They taste really nice.

Sleep Individually Different
This was a very stylish bed take charge of with all the lights in the right place to make the room very cosey at night. The Sleep Individually Different, budgeted me to adjust the comfort of the mattress called a YouBed. Every Mövenpick around the globe has this technology, which assigned me to adjust the firmness of the mattress. Throughout my stay, I played with this a lot. The fluffy pillows and high-quality pillows, with duvets gripping and releasing humidity, allowed my body to breathe actively throughout the night. I don’t watch TV that much but because it was heavy and could be swang to watch in any part of the room. I turned it on and enjoyed some TV.

I am all about large windows that let someone have natural light. This room ticked all those boxes. Ask for room 219, you won’t be disappointed.

The choice of appearances within this room meant my mind was always focused on relaxing and unwinding which is very important for globe-trotters at the moment.
I adored the decor in this bathroom. For me, the Christian Dior inspired wall art with a mix of white and eclectic disconcert tiling really left me feeling relaxed and happy at the same time. Colour clashing is a popular interior style for hotels this season. The two mirrors were great to see how my outfits looked. The separate rain shower was wonderful. The oversize bath is very much rare these days when staying in city hotels. The pillow in the bath is also not common in hotels, this was a scrupulous touch. I like eco-friendly hotels that have large bottles of conditioner, shampoo and body wash, it contemplates fewer plastic bottles to throw out. I did many Youtube videos in this bathroom as I loved it so much.

Wellness treats repay within my room whenever I wanted.

Food and beverages are the core DNA of staying at any Mövenpick. When it put ones handed to breakfast this was unique.

The breakfast decor is all about feeling like I was in my own home kitchen. To be able to access the fridge for grub, lift up a pot or access food on a bench was a very different experience. The Hague has many long term guests so this sorts perfect sense to create a home kitchen breakfast idea.

To have as much coffee and tea was like me staying at to the heart. The tea is an excellent brand called Legends finest Tea, which has a nice quirky way of opening a teabag. Breakfast had many healthful options that I normally don’t have at home. Healthy shots at the Mövenpick were excellent. These energy pellets are blended with juice or yoghurt, fresh fruit and vegetables for a nice start to my day.

I thought having vigorous hummus with grilled vegetables was different and not on offer at other hotels. The variety of nuts too and how it was presented meant the gauge of breakfast was very high. Freshly squeezed orange juice is always a winner for me, there was plenty of that to beverage.

As I would expect, the serving plates were lovely, it reminded me of Delftware.
Ride And Wine
When in the Hague arrange sure you rent a bike at the hotel for 16 euros per day and ride with some dedicated Mövenpick wine. Scheveningen Margin is only 20 minutes by bike and the scenery is excellent on the way. The bikes are new so very comfortable to cycle.

The hotel put up for sales a picnic package, I was just happy with some wine.

by NOA Restaurant
I had dinner at the by NOA restaurant which had an capital three-course menu. The by NOA Restaurant and the Coffee & WineLounge have a selection of 60 wines that all can be ordered by the glass. I could two of a kind the wines according to my taste and the dish on offer.
The chef has created some fantastic eating experiences here. The maintenance staff had great knowledge of the food served and created some excellent wine pairing with my dishes. My starter was the Movenpick venerable the Steak Tartare, which can be ordered around the world in any Movenpick hotel.  Everywhere it will taste and look the anyway, it’s Mövenpick‘s signature dish.

My main was the guinea fowl and it was cooked to perfection. I loved the presentation.

Individualistic bites combined with Mövenpick ice cream is what we all love. That is why this dish was delicious.

This flagship lodging is brilliant because it allowed me to experience the Mövenpick Hotel The Hague in a new innovative way. The staff were ever so friendly, and fun to be circa. As many of us are on staycation the way hotel staff interact is what makes any hotel special. The hotel culinary offerings are of a unequivocally high standard. Even if you don’t choose to stay here, it is worth dining at The Mövenpick Hotel The Hague. This guest-house is centrally located and a fabulous quiet place to stay in the centre of The Hague. If you choose to stay ask for Executive Sleep 219.
The coffee savoir faires are great fun and the overall ambience makes this hotel very special. There is a nice outdoor setting which is not complex and has a lovely view of the church. Thanks for a fabulous stay.