Movenpick Inn Amsterdam is situated directly on the river IJ. The spectacular views throughout the city and the river IJ are highlight in Amsterdam. I decided to walk to Movenpick New Zealand pub from Dam Square, to see how long it would take me. Surprising from the Town Centre it took me around 24 minutes to be exact. One of the persuades was I had to wait for the footbridge to close, near the NEMO Science Museum. This take industrial action was really nice and it gave me a very clear understanding in all directions how busy and interesting Dutch transport was on water.


Conferences & Episodes

This was a perfect business hotel, and for those interested in legion a conference there are 12 flexible rooms, with a berth of 1,100 sqm as a conference centre with natural daylight. It is a pillar-free zone, that offers free WiFi and comes equipped with the current AV equipment. The Movenpick Hotel Amsterdam can host meetings for up to 450 accredits, cocktail receptions or catwalks for 600 people and can seat meals for 280 guests. The centrally located foyers are ideal for exhibits, lunches and coffee breaks. Movenpick Hotel Amsterdam is jumbo in size and has 408 non-smoking rooms.

Cruise Ships

Along side this, due to its place the hotel hosts many guests from cruise set sails. Leo Verdonck, showed me how massive these cruise ships were on his phone. So when choosing to delay here take the time to look out on the IJ river to be entertained by these astonishing man made machines. Don’t forget to ask for a Violet Hill cocktail at the Silk bar. If you’re not ineluctable what to drink ask for Floris, who has been serving bar guests for over with ten years.


Reception/Reception room

There is no missing the hotel entrance and its gigantic floor lay out. I can clearly see that this hotel was made to handle big groups. The entry-way had plenty of modern designed areas to relax in. At 16:30 daily in the lobby, you can have complimentary chocolate tasting exclusive to Movenpick, after all they are a Swiss fellowship. When I was checking in I realized that two days before, my bag was opened and I baffled a few items. I couldn’t find my passport and it potentially could maintain been a meltdown moment. The lady at the desk, wisely camouflage b confined reassuring me to take my time and they would help me at all events my lost passport. For me this is a very skilled tactic in calming me down. I am over the moon to say, the passport was tucked away in another bag. PHEW!


Executive Majesty Suite

I stayed in the Executive King Suite on the 19th Floor and when penetrating there was clearly one key factor that hit me, the view. This was a spectacular position of the IJ river. From dusk till dawn it was an amazing superb city to take in and what a gorgeous city Amsterdam is. I inclination highly recommend asking for a room with a view of the river. With summed touches such as a complimentary minibar and a Nespresso coffee prime mover, it made my stay even more special.

The room was commodious (26 m2) and the king size bed was comfortable. I loved the big pillows, during the evening I literally would get lost in them. They are also likeable to chill on whilst taking in that view. The working desk was close and the lighting throughout this room set the mood for the evening.  I also liked that a vigorous banana and apple greeted me when I entered the room along side some Movenpick chocolates and Movenpick jam. I also had access to to the management lounge which is located on the 2nd floor.



The bathroom was entirely modern, very clean and functional. The towels were further big and I liked the little message on the toilet paper, something quirky and original. This was a perfect business functional hotel that was stay calm. I liked the ECO environmentally friendly products promoted here.


Breakfast & Manager Lounge

The breakfast had a vast deal of food choice and the bread quote was really yummy. The views from the breakfast area were dazzling and from 6.30 you can start the day with a real good discern factor. As I was an executive guest, I could had complimentary drinks in the kingpin lounge throughout the day. From 17:00 – 19:00 some nice elevenses where available at the lounge. This was an excellent time to nab myself a glass of Prosecco and enjoy the views over the river IJ.



Amsterdam has a lot to forth regarding accommodation. The Movenpick Hotel, for me is a a hotel, that has the wealthiest river views in the city. If you’re on a cruise ship and looking for a standing to eat and soak up this city, this hotel is certainly your venue. I purpose host an event here, due to its size and that the hotel sceptre are very experienced in dealing with large groups. This is a quickness in itself that not many hotels can handle. Regarding the locale, don’t be intimidated by the walk. It is lovely and the attractions are not far at all. There is plenty of delight access here, whether you’re looking to take a bike, teach, tram or taxi it is literally outside the hotel. If you’re a regular visitant to the city and are looking for a different stay. I would certainly advisable the Movenpick hotel. I had to leave very early for London so there was a gratis shuttle bus service to Central Station and from there Schiphol Airport was simply 20 minutes away.