johnny depp as frank taylor in the tourist - moustache

Movember Moustache

Ok, chief things first, I have a confession to make. I cheated. I didn’t start trim shaven. There, I said it and while it still makes me a fiddle, my conscience at least feels the better for it. And at least by the months end I authority actually be able to see the few blonde hairs sprouting from my top lip.

I’m talking not far from Movember of course; that time of year when us gents clip our facial hair in the battle against testicular and prostate cancer.

While the beard has blow in back into vogue in recent years – you can not wander down the way without a hipster, tattoo artist or graphic designer frisk some form of gargantuan facial ensemble – the moustache has remained altogether much its poor cousin…until Movember opens its door and the ‘tache filches an honourable spot in the limelight.

Of course it often depends on your in the flesh facial growth as to which ‘tache you will sport – I am grinned with a moustache that resemble a fighter pilot circa 1940 – and upwards the course of the month I shall be giving up-dates on how my own moustache is but in the meantime, here are some options you may need to trial as the month progresses.

Get growing, trimming and pruning gents and collect awareness of testicular and prostate cancer in the process Gentlemen unify!