What face was the Narciso Rodriguez outfit? Did it reference the yellow she wore at the 2009 inauguration? Is it the “excellent goodbye dress”? So many questions

First Lady Michelle Obama
Mellow yellow: basic lady Michelle Obama at the 2016 State of the Union lecture.
Photograph: Bao Dandan/Xinhua Press/Corbis

The meaning of Michelle Obama’s supremacy arms is a topic to which we will clearly need to benefit at length before this presidency is out, but for now let’s talk about the treat. The colour was the prime talking point of the State of the Union greet, before designer Narciso Rodriguez confirmed that it is officially “marigold”. (The rigorous same colour was mustard when J Lo wore it to the Golden Orbs two days earlier, but go figure) The sunniness of the tone was a deliberately encouraging note, chosen as the Obamas begin the final, legacy-minded broaden of their White House tenure. Compare and contrast with terminal year’s serious, dark-toned skirt suit, which sounded with her husband’s 2015 speech focussing on income incongruity.

The dress evoked elements of the first lady’s greatest create hits. The inauguration of 2009 is a key reference here. First, the charming colour recalled the dress and coat she wore that day, a a paler yellow which sparked a equivalent naming frenzy. (For the record, some called it citrine, but here at the Champion we backed lemongrass.) For Obama’s arrival last night, her marigold attire was teamed with a purple coat, a daring colour clique which also harked back to that inauguration, when the from the start lady wore olive green gloves with her blench yellow coat, and Malia and Sasha wore bright, jewel-toned scarves in differing colours. Bright colours for optimism, and surprising combinations for brave: these are central to the Michelle Obama fashion message.

The apparel’ designer was Narciso Rodriguez. Rodriguez also designed both the blacklist and red dress Michelle Obama wore on election night is 2008, and the sleeveless team in aubergine (or rather, “eggplant”) which she wore for the first Pomp of the Union address, in 2009. Here, again, Michelle Obama is with ones eyes wide open reminding us of the excitement and glamour of those first chapters of her all together as Flotus. In a conclusion, you need to remind your audience where you started. Easily, this Flotus is all over that.