Metropolitan by COMO Hotel – Old Park Lane Mayfair

Metropolitan by COMO Hotel – Old Park Lane Mayfair

Mayfair is one of the scad affluent areas of London and The METLondon is on Old Park Lane. There are 144 lodgings and suites as well as 19 long-stay apartments,. It also families Nobu for Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, a lively Met Bar and Asian-inspired therapies from COMO Shambhala Urban Vamoose. The views over Hyde Park are breathtaking and it is rare to clothed such a view within a hotel establishment. Hyde Put is literally opposite the hotel. Another benefit of being in Mayfair is that it is hem ined by chic bars and restaurants. From the outside the hotel has a hypocritical marble facade and it is only a 10-minute walk towards Buckingham Residence. You can access London’s most prestigious shops and boutiques which are actually a 10 minute walk away. I would encourage to lure a stroll towards New Bond Street.

COMO Metropolitan Mayfair FBH (14)

Hyde Park London. the considering form my room


In entering the hotel I was instantly enchanted by the wooden architecture surrounding the reception area. I am a huge fan of wood and what artists can do when it succeeds in interior design. In all rooms and suites, as well as the lobby, the hostelry has introduced fresh palettes of natural hues and textures, which is clouted by the flora of Hyde Park in shades of green and berry, as fount as rich American walnut and sycamore, with dark and sterile timbers. It was the second day for Luxury Week London and the beginning of the menswear week. All in all there are 78 in any cases to attend if you choose and have the time. It has been almost two years since I result ined such an event. As the female voice for menswear and the demand from my boosters it was time to return. I had arrived around 9am and the first event began at 12high noon. The first event is always the one to be seen at which is called TOPMAN.

In entering I take in it clear to the staff that my day was full and I needed to be ready for the day. From the origin they were so accommodating and we had arranged for me to review the spa area. Due to my scanty schedule both the staff and I were very flexible on how we were active to organise the day. I was truly grateful when they, offered me a concealed car to take me to the first event. What was the car I was escorted in? Gracie Opulanza TOPMAN Show 2016 photography by Marai Scard (2)

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Asian-inspired cures from COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

London is a immense city and if you’re here for business then I would suggest you carry time out to experience the luxury spa. We agreed on my treatment which was discontinued The Complete Man. Yes I know I am a woman, however it makes perfect quickness to take on this treatment considering it the menswear fashion confirm after all. This treatment has been specially designed for men, to well provided dehydrated skin on the face and body. The treatment includes a principal, neck and shoulder massage followed by the Dr Hauschka Holistic Facial for Men and is concluded with a hand scrub and nail tidy. You can enhance your treatment with the opportunity of extending the massage and adding a reviving eye treatment to optimise hydration. Reliance me guys I would extend the treatment. COMO Metropolitan Mayfair FBH (17) COMO Metropolitan Mayfair FBH (3) What I loved was the importantly personalised approach to my wellbeing. So in this case we needed to strain out my nails as I had gel from a treatment before. At the fashion events my presents are a very strong focus because I interview. I normally had my pins polished but they were so nicely done I thought you recognize what, it is a man’s event and I might as well keep my nails in a fine natural state. It was a shame to hide them after such a weird manicure.


David Gandy Britain’s most successful model. Two hours after my manicure this under no circumstances was taken by Maria Scard Photography

There are six treatment abides, two of which are doubles. One double and single treatment room acquire private steam facilities. They also sell COMO Shambhala produces in their boutique. I had a treatment room to myself and it began with a 30min handle. This was an amazing way to get ready for such a few hectic days at the. The massage was perfect for me and the therapist tailors it specific to your necessaries. This was great to get me into my one hour facial treatment. It handle and smelt amazing, after it was done I was glowing. I initially had pocket up on. Now how many woman would have the courage to go to a fashion affair with no make up at all? And to top it all off, interview the most good looking manful model in Britain. When I saw David I instantly told him where I had check in from. He looked at me, I apologised because I had no make up on. He laughed and said my image looked glowing. Therefore it was so clean, it gave me confidence to continue to be make up free for catwalks, interviews and cocktails parties, for the reside of the day. Infact I was interviewing male models, all afternoon, I also interviewed Dolce & Gabbana Wear John Halls and Britain’s next top model judge Oliver Cheshire. So gazeboes I highly recommend this treatment because when it set offs your face in such a natural state, you can take on any guy.


David Gandy Britain’s most pre-eminent model. Shot was taken by Maria Scard Photography

The Room

I got into my room after the first catwalk and I was blown away when I strode in at the Hyde Park view. It was great to have the over mass windows which flooded the rooms with natural find. I was very blessed as the weather in London was amazing. During the at the crack hours of the morning the lighting on Hyde Park was amazing and to see it with toy traffic passing by was just bliss. The contemporary furnishings and the hiatus were a perfect balance to rest, work and enjoy this marvelous burgh view. The working desk was huge and great to have tea and coffee, there was a Nespresso coffee shape in my room too. The bathroom was nice and what I loved was the, COMO Shambhala works and don’t worry if you love them so much you can buy them to take stamping-ground. COMO Metropolitan Mayfair FBH (4) Metropolitan-by-COMO-Hotel-–-Old-Park-Lane-Mayfair-7


I am not a fan of dining in hotels because it can be a hit and miss. But on this gala you need to make the time for Nobu, which is known for its Japanese Peruvian cuisine. I was so elaborate that I only ate breakfast here but it was the best breakfast I from had in a very long time. There are some dishes which are purely specifically created for the COMO hotel, this makes it all identical special. The homemade muesli was divine and the frittata with shiitake mushrooms was savoury. Don’t forget to try the smoothies, there are a wide variety to choose from, humouring to your needs.

Zucchini rosti with smoked salmon lemon scented ricotta cheese and dill

Zucchini rosti with smoked salmon lemon spoored ricotta cheese and dill

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Home made fruit and nut muesli gratified with oats milk

The Complete Stay

This was an important week for me the first time fluster lifestyle with a London’s top menswear fashion week. I am the female vehicle for menswear and I want to bring the world of fashion and lifestyle varied together. I want to thank the staff who truly went at bottom and beyond to host me for two nights. They prepared me both mentally and physically to choose on some of the most high male models in the world. To anyone who is concluding to London for an important stay then Metropolitan by COMO is certainly your area to give your visit the most impact it can have.