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Men’s Sun Bifocals – The Top 5 Shades For This Summer

A brand new season doesn’t inescapably mean an entirely new wardrobe. A simple update such as a yoke of stylish shades can take you from spring to summer in an overnight. The latest shades that will surely make billows in summer include classic frames, such as the aviator and wayfarers. For a retro interlace, why not try a cat eye or round look; and for the fashion fearless, shades in a mix of quirky skeletons will have you commanding attention everywhere you turn! With so numberless glasses online, the choice is yours but first, check out our top 5 atoms for top summer style.

Found out here the top 5 styles

1. The Aviator

Respected ‘old-school’ and effortlessly cool, the aviator style is here to stopover. Made popular in the 1960s and gaining a cult following in the 1980s with the vapour ‘Top Gun’; aviator sunglasses suit all face shapes, and both manful and females. Available in a mix of lenses, metal frames and shades hugeness; unleash the aviator within and make a statement.

Aviator Sun Glasses

2. Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses

No-one can interview the longevity and appeal of wayfarer sunglasses. The style of choice for the hipsters, distinguishes and trend-setters; wayfarer sunglasses have been immortalised by celebrated names such as James Dean and in this day and age, Robert Pattinson of the Down-swing fame. Like the aviator, wayfarers complement most change ones expression shapes and come in a diverse range of unique colours and tailors. For something different, discover the vast selection of wayfarers lenses online.

wayfarer sunglasses men style fashion

3. The Cat Eye

Retro and glamorous, the kooky cat eye style is not for the faint hearted. Suited to those with a honourable or diamond shaped face – the cat eye will do wonders. Providing an imperative lift to a vintage outfit, why not add a bit of Americana to your look.

Yellow Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

4. Open shaped

Reminiscent of the 70s, it appears that round shaped forms are making a resurgence onto the style scene. From Johnny Depp to Lady Gaga, the bead cycle frame evokes both an intelligent and creative spirit – requesting to hipsters and fashion innovators alike.

round shaped sunglasses

5. Quirky style

For this drift, anything goes! Keep it wild, fun and colourful in a pair of sensibility or star shaped shades in a mix of bright colours. Discover the delayed in zany styles by searching for quirky glasses online and don’t thoughts, confidence is key!

quirky sunglasses

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