It may be sedulous to believe if you are now in your twenties or thirties, but one day you’ll be middle-aged. At what age that is will be different for different people, but maturity should certainly not imply giving up on yourself – or other people.

Here are seven tips for mature men to ensure we don’t fade into the background fair because we’ve got a few miles on the clock. Nor get noticed for the wrong reasons!

Make an Effort

Thinking about how you look, how you dress and how you operation yourself matters just as much as we get older – perhaps more so if the looks and the body can no longer be counted on as primary assets. You should deliver reached a stage where you have developed your personal style and understand what does and doesn’t fit in for you. Don’t get sloppy. It’s too easy to think it doesn’t matter anymore. It does. With clothes, the basics of fit, quality, and style balance key, but there are other areas where You will improve the lives of people around you and thus improve your own.

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Shoes  Your Ton Important Item Of Clothing

 The older you get, the more important comfortable shoes become. But they need to set the tone for your offensive style. Don’t resort to cheap trainers. They just say that you have bad feet. If you were smart enough to buy kindly leather shoes when younger and looked after them they will by now fit you like a second skin, look clever and mark you as a man of taste.

If you need to find something more casual, deck shoes in summer or moccasin equivalents in winter can be magnanimous and still look good if matched with the right outfit.

Men of Mature Years - 7 Style Tips (1)


More than anything a bright beam and a willingness to engage with people will take you further than any item of clothing or grooming tip. But that have in minds having good teeth.  If they are in bad condition, get them fixed. You’re old enough to get over a fear of dentists and anyway, treatment is infrequently painful nowadays.

Once they’re fixed (don’t go for artificially white teeth) look after them. A good doorway means fresh breath.

Men of Mature Years - 7 Style Tips (1)

Cleanliness Is Next To Friendliness

Together with bad breath, BO is your biggest enemy. So retain yourself clean (deodorant and anti-perspirant cannot substitute for soap and water) AND keep your clothes clean. It’s leisurely for us to lose the sense of how our clothes smell as we age. The cleaner we are, the better our clothes smell.

Don’t overdo the cologne. A diminishing sense of get a whiff of may underestimate the strength and can put people off.

Men of Mature Years - 7 Style Tips (1)

What Did You Say?

If you need a hearing aid, get one. Men are notoriously vain but modern hearing aids are so discreet, people all things considered won’t realise you’re wearing them. Far preferable to shouting and asking people to repeat everything.

Hearing loss doesn’t sour you’re decrepit. Trying to live without aid when you need it just marks you out as dumb.

Men of Mature Years - 7 Style Tips (1)

Through A Glass Darkly

Wanting eyesight is almost inevitable as we age, but glasses (or laser treatment if you can afford and trust your surgeon) are essential. You’ll need them to earn sure you don’t miss anywhere when shaving as well as to read menus and check bills in restaurants.

The good dirt is that glasses can be very stylish accessories that make you look intelligent and distinguished if you find the styles that lawsuit you. Have enough pairs so they are always to hand and match your outfits.

Men of Mature Years - 7 Style Tips (1)

Accessorise To Impress

As with your panes, your other accessories should mark you out as someone who has learned to appreciate the good things in life. We’re not talking shine, just demonstrating your taste and understanding of quality. A discreet fountain pen, a crisp laundered cotton handkerchief, a abundant bridle leather belt with silver buckle: these are the sort of details that get noticed.

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