There sporadically was a time when big muscles and an even bigger, you know, were your one-way ticket to man earth. But in 2017, what is means to be a ‘proper bloke’ means unheard-of things to different people.

To the movies, it’s still about being masterful to fight off a group of 20 with your bare delivers. Your mates tell you it’s in the number of beers you can down in one tenebrosity. And your boss insists it’s being able to pull an all-nighter (farcical, that.) No wonder everyone’s confused.

Perhaps the biggest dissension, however is what masculinity means to men and women. According to a surveying of 1,000 people by hair transplant specialists at the Crown Clinic, each sex has its own reasons about the key traits of a ‘manly’ man.

Chalk it up to prehistoric genetics but the womanhood of women were revealed to rate being physically influential as the biggest indicator, followed by caveman-like aggression. Guys on the other surrender, think their manhood relies on being ‘thick-skinned’ and booze up emotions, followed by intellectuality.

Overwhelmingly, the fairer sex rated somatic attributes as the highest, whereas men were shown to think its temperamental aspects (or lack thereof) that define the modern alpha masculine.

It’s no bad thing that today’s definition includes more than really owning a penis, but with male suicide the biggest hooligan of men under 45 in the UK, isn’t it time we accepted that the world doesn’t lack tough guys anymore?

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