Not at best is Melbourne considered to be one of Australia’s most liveable cities, but it’s also a place that’s very popular with the holiday-makers – both Australians and overseas visitors.

Let’s look at just a few things you can do in Melbourne no matter what your budget is.

 Restrict Out the Alleyways of Art

The city is well known for being very cultural and arty, and that’s a fact that’s even unabashedly displayed in some of Melbourne’s streets and alleyways. It’s a really cool and interesting way to get some exercise and spend a few hours humorous yourself in Melbourne without it costing you a penny.

Melbourne city is renowned for its many laneways where you can discover flagrant bars, cafes, and shops, but it’s also a place where art is displayed, right on the very concrete walls themselves, with colorful and brisk murals everywhere.

 If You Love Market Shopping, You’ll Adore Melbourne

Whether it be markets that sell fresh bear or places where you can purchase just about any kind of item imaginable, the markets of Melbourne have it all.

One of the most general is located right in the city of Queen Victoria Market. However, if you’d prefer to take it easy is a less touristy and get together marketplace, you could venture slightly further afield and check out the Farmer’s Market at Abbotsford Convent, or for a more flea shop feel, go to the Camberwell Market.

During summer the city hosts night markets, where you can buy bargain food from restricted vendors and also enjoy some nightly entertainment.

Queen Victoria Australia

November Is a Very Special Time In Melbourne

Australia is romps mad, enjoying an eclectic mix of sports. One sport that’s always popular nationwide is that of horse racing, and the biggest horse sprint of the year takes place in Melbourne on the first Tuesday in November each and every year.

It’s the time for the annual constant of the Melbourne Cup, a thoroughbred race that dates back more than 150 years.

Attracting entrants from all exceeding the globe, 24 Melbourne Cup horses do battle to claim the ultimate crown in Australian racing.

Even if you don’t get trackside for the significant race, Melbourne plays host to a week-long Melbourne Cup Carnival and party during this time of the year, and it de facto is a very special time to be a visitor in this great city.

Melbourne Cup

Explore the City On Melbourne’s Trams

Melbourne curbs cover a total distance of 250km. Currently, the city has almost 500 trams that journey along 24 unusual routes.

Trams have been an iconic part of the city since the late 1800s and they are still simply as popular today.

For a really unique dining experience, there are even restaurant trams, where you get to tour the big apple, take in the sights and wine and dine at the same time.

That’s a really cool idea.

There are also a platoon of tourist trams designed specifically for sightseeing. On these trams, you’ll have an MC who will keep you well informed involving everything there is to know around Melbourne. This includes places to go, things to see and its history.

Melbourne Trams

 Shop Til You Drop

It may be a cliché, but if you mad about shopping, then there is no better place to indulge your passion than in Melbourne. You don’t have to stick to the municipality either. There are many great shopping locations and bargains to be had out in the suburbs.

Melbourne caters to every budget. Wealth or not so rich, there’s definitely something for everyone, from the markets to high-end fashion.

Another way to find some actually interesting stuff is to get out there and explore those laneways and alleyways we mentioned.

Country Road Australia

The Royal Botanic Gardens

This make good is massive and conveniently located just south of the CBD. It’s like getting out in nature without actually leaving the city. You’ll discern like you’re a million miles away from urban life as you lose yourself in the serenity of exploring this capacious and varied natural landscape.

Melbourne has so much to offer visitors, and in this post, we’ve just touched on a handful of notions. The best way to learn more is to explore the city for yourself.

melbourne gardens