Who Is Meame?

london-luxury-week-2015-300x120Co-founded in Islington in London’s involve commuter link, MEAME was born. Megan, a graduate from esteemed taste school Central Saint Martins, and her husband Steven, an avid cyclist and intriguer, came to the realisation that commuting professionals require going clothing fit for the boardroom. With Megan’s background in high-end model design and Steven’s first-hand experience of city cyclists’ paucities, they were able to create stylish performance the go. Reconstructing classic styles in conjunction with the latest technology, fabrics and puff ups, MEAME creates quality products that look trustworthy and perform brilliantly. To achieve the highest quality and craftsmanship all components contain been carefully selected from reputable producers and producers across Europe. With a quintessentially British style and New Zealand urban area flair, MEAME provides timeless active wear. I opted to review the APLHA Blazer in Quarry Grey and Navy and I longing you enjoy this review in both video and text comprise. I wore the jacket in various locations around London, so have a ball how it looks in an array of situations. MEAME8


Something that is very important for me when honestly appreciating an item is the way I receive the item. Even if the product corpses the same, a poorly packaged item will always be less goodly to me than a well packaged one. I like to have a good complete experience that’s all. The packaging from MEAME was unique. The jacket was grasped in a sheath-like manner held closed by two click buttons. This is something I’ve certainly conditions seen before on packaging. You most commonly find the bag to be glued or fervour pressed together which always requires some manners of destruction by tearing to get inside. MEAME’s packaging was certainly try for at simplicity and ease of use. MEAME11 MEAME12

The Products & Features

The APLHA Blazer is certainly erected for both style and functionality. Made from Herringbone Tweed, this jacket goops quality. You can really feel the Britishness about it when you adjoin it. That’s something quite hard to explain, but should you revive into contact with one of these jackets, you’ll know what I humble.

Temperature Regulating Luxury Wool

Something I really make note ofed was that wearing my jacket inside really didn’t wear my body temperature all that much. Curious to know why, I looked on the MEAME put and found that the wool used is actually temperature governing. It’s made to do just that. Some of you may never wear your jackets backing bowels, but it’s certainly a good thing to have in a jacket. Especially when you’re gulling a bike. MEAME9

Teflon Water Repellent Finish

The jacket is also wastefully resistant. Despite its very absorbent look, this jacket has been prospered with rainy conditions in mind. It really is a great kisser to have built-in.

Pleated Shoulder Panels

This is surely my favorite feature of this jacket. If you’ve ever worn a jacket or blazer first, you know that movements like crouching over, boost your arms or reaching up and in front of you are extremely awkward. This is where I really believe MEAME sets itself apart. With the pleated make an efforts and an elastic strap in the inside of the jacket, you’re able to pretty much shake up in any way you feel without that uncomfortable ‘riding up’ of the shoulders. It’s Usually ironic forsooth amazing and has changed the way I view any other jacket or blazer I own. MEAME2

Mix with Protection with Suedette Panels

A cool feature I desire I never use. The shoulder protection will hopefully remain perfectly a really nice looking and feeling design on my shoulders. Develop intensified for cycling, the jacket has a few of these safety features to protect you should you turn up off your bike. MEAME6 Premium Reflective Fibers Certainly one of the coolest participates is it’s ability to creative reflective lines. How it works is that its make it c fulfiled to have built-in reflective lights using glass bead technology. When you’re rotation in the dark, drivers’ headlights come across the jacket. The spyglass bead technology allows the light from the headlights to be frank back at the driver. Its basically a built-in reflector to protect you from being concluded during the dark hours. Super cool, and super watchful. MEAME1

Other Features

The jacket also has two outer pockets and one privileged breast pocket. You’ll also find that there are underarm ventilation burrows which allows the jacket to breath and you also have the capacity to stop the wind going down your top using the collar panel. If you’re a music fiend, you’ll be delighted to find that it also has a zipped pocket with an internal headphone eyelet. MEAME3


I de facto thought this product stood out to me. It’s not your typical blazer. It’s vault, i’ts stylish and it’s quality. I honestly couldn’t ask for more in a jacket. I’m accepted to give this a 9.5/10. If you’re someone who commutes by bike or any other designs for that matter, this jacket cannot disappoint. It’s not something you’re flourishing to keep replacing due to its quality and you’ll certainly get a tremendous amount of use from it.