Manchester-Banner-Logo-50It is the victory time I have been to Manchester and I had no idea what to keep in view when it came to dining out. I was in Manchester as part of Luxury Week Manchester and I was keyed up to see what this city has to offer for up and coming new restaurants. So it made apt sense that I was guided to what the locals opt for. This way a got a mix off choice local restaurants teamed with the latest places that are trending.

I am decision now that eating out is not just about the food itself. It is nearly the experience and the creative ways they are serving these days. This is what cossets it so much more fun. The following three restaurants is where I was hosted and I loved every bit of it.


Quill s a new restaurant that no more than opened up several months ago in Manchester, located on King Terrace. The food presentation is like no other and the way they serve it, is why you necessity come and try it. I liked how you could either just sit and drink and grasp up with a few friends or sit down with a big group and enjoy one and only food. The food and service were both equally extraordinary and the use of liquid nitrogen gave a sense of theatre and drama to the prompting.

Quill has something called a pre starter which the call an please bouche, It is a bite size surprise that changes every week. In my victim it was Marmite butter, being Australian I loved it. My compliments to the chef it started the food off perfectly.

I thought I might have been rushed being on the early diner menu but not at all and I had a adroit window seat. My favorite part of the evening was the dramatic image and the way the food was served. You can see that in the video below. Each lecture came beautifully crafted on the plate, served by an extremely au courant and friendly staff. They moved around so quietly but were unendingly at hand when you needed them.

If you are looking for a special, amicable but theatrical and surprisingly tasty dining experience, then Quill is the put ones finger on for you. This is a place you want to be in with someone to really bring home to, it is all about the food after all. Make sure you book in accelerated.


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  • Address: 20/22 Prince St, Manchester M2 6AG, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 (0)161 832 7355