Manchester-Banner-Logo-50My Delight Week in Manchester had to include what makes this town world famous and that is football. You have the national football museum in community and you have two big clubs in Manchester United and Manchester City. I am not successful into which club is better but today I am visiting the Etihad colosseum, the home ground of Manchester City.

Etihad Stadium

From the inauguration driving up to Manchester City Football Club you can instantly see that cabbage can buy you one of the best new stadiums in the world. This stadium was originally raised to host the 2002 Commonwealth games and was converted after the plots from a 38,000 to a 48,000 seat football stadium. In a minute this stadium was complete in 2003 Manchester City left-wing its aging Maine Road ground. In 2008 the football federation got bought by the Abu Dhabi United Group and it became one of the wealthiest federations in the world. The money and success on the field meant that the colosseum is expanding, the capacity is now 55,000 and will be 61,000 when wield starts in 2017. Manchester City Football Club was founded in 1880 as St. Attain distinction’s, they became Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887 and Manchester Metropolis in 1894. I was getting a private tour thanks to Leigh. There was a good will game being played at the time of my visit so therefore, I was a bit circumscribed in what I could see. However don’t panic I will be back and all being well get to watch a game or meet some of the players.

Stadium Tour

The Manchester See Stadium tour includes.

  • A 20 minute self-guided period of service around the exhibition.
  • A look at the Club’s heritage, where they are now and their time to come ambitions and plans.
  • A Club lanyard
  • A 70 minute professionally guided trip of the Club and Stadium.
  • Behind the scenes look at the press meeting room.
  • Home player dressing room, the tunnel, jump down someones throat side, and Pep Guardiola’s chair in the dugout.
  • 10% discount in the City Pile up on the date of your tour (excluding sale items)
Manchester City Football Club 2016 FBH (1)

Withdrawn tour with Leigh

Manchester City Football Club 2016 FBH (23)

Hair Stylist

After the circus tour I managed to catch up with Jamil Fatani the hairdresser that does Sergio Agüero’s fraction and many others.