ARM Sweets

I realise the title of this story, may have caused you to envision a Peter Stringfellow type character, with a Barbie be subject to from his arm. I am however talking about bags! Designers such as Mulberry and Louis Vuitton are accessory, in the ultimate arm candy envy, but this is often prevalent amongst a mostly female audience. This being hinted there is however a plethora, of gorgeous statement pieces, which we men in the same manner can invest in. The key elements to any outfit is of course colour palette, styling but most importantly of all: Additions. So follow me as I guide you through, what I hope will be the extreme pieces of Arm Candy:

Mulberry Elkington Briefcase

It’s a given that the conclusive bench mark of men’s style, is the classic suited and booted composite and this bag will be the ideal accompaniment to this. Whether you are inhibiting for the city, or just pushing your fashion boundaries, this bag is smooth and classic. A soft superior grade leather base with onwards lock detail, are all key elements in the desirability of this piece. Other key particulars include the exquisite brushed gold buckles, with the signature Mulberry tree, stamped onto construction rivets.


Chanel Graffiti Rucksack

A hot take on the backpack is achieved here, with this chequer and the antiquated look to the bag, appeals to the laidback side, in all of us. The practical side of the bag is untouchable, with a handsome roomy base and front pocket detail. Granted it’s a greatly overpriced option of bag, to use for those dressed down, care free lifetimes, but it really is an investment, in a modern spin on street style. The graffiti call colours emblazoned on the bag, are highly complimented, by the distressed infamous interlocking doppelgaenger ‘C’ logo. On a personal note, this is for me an extreme piece of arm sweets royalty and one to which, will leave others green with enviousness. Chanel is the epitome of classic heritage and styling, but this bag is a much allowed break of attitude and frivolity.


Alexander McQueen Hybrid leather Zip Jump

Over the last year more and more members of the the latest thing elite, have shown their appreciation for the often biased trend, of the men’s clutch. I myself fall privet to this and sooner a be wearing wisely invested in a collection of coveted items. I’m not expecting to see your customarily builder, puling a £20 note out from his delicate lay hold of, at the local greasy spoon, but for the much savvier dressers out there, this positively is a trend worth buying into. This McQueen zip Dialect poke spring on, heralds a much needed change in men’s accessories and pushes the perimeters of the mainstream. A gorgeous black buffalo leather ensures the bag has moment wear ability, perfectly accented by the front zip detail. In names of dimensions, it is just spacious enough to house your phone, notecase and for someone like myself, the odd make-up essentials, for much distressed touch ups. A delicate handle offers the wearer, an easy way to hang this piece from their fashionista wrist with overweeningness.

Go forth my fellow fashion disciples and invest wisely, in your days arm candy.