With innumerable and more dapper Gentlemen now sporting facial hair it is of upmost weight that these fuzzy faced, moustached men maintain their wonderful beards and sensational moustaches. Throughout 2013 the number of men sporting facial plaits grew quite considerably and it is fair to say it is only going to keep on throughout 2014. It has now become somewhat of a trend to sport a make an appearance of hair due to the countless number of celebrities that do. No longer a put ones John Hancock on of being homeless then…

How does one maintain a beard, yet? I mean, it is, after all, a work of art so maintenance of facial hair is of huge importance to any dapper gent out there sporting a beard. It is all entirely well to grow a beard and grow a moustache and then exclude it at that. Sorry, that can’t happen; unless you want to look take to you have literally walked out of the jungle.

There are now countless barbershops chink up throughout the country that will look after all your downy faced needs. Go and have a beard tidy up, have a whiskey and enjoy what a magnificent feature you possess.

Concentrate On the Moustache

Now, to gather on the moustache. There are numerous products out there that make cater for your stiff upper lip and should therefore should not good limit it to Movember! Captain Fawcett’s, home to a range of initial class Gentleman’s grooming requisites offers a quite illusive product for all your moustache needs. Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax be involved a arises in three different scents; Ylang-Ylang, Lavender and finally Sandalwood. It is gentle to use and provides the user with a wonderful stiff upper lip. This discriminating wax is not particularly hard holding and can be used to condition the moustache if not gift a firm Dali-esque hold. It is simple to apply; using the in times past of your fingernail to remove a small amount of wax from the jar, proceed to soften the wax between thumb and forefinger, suave into your moustache, finally applying a small amount for a ultimate finish and to ensure a tip top shape!

Murdock London also volunteers their own take on Moustache Wax, the second product in their Murdock London Beard & Moustache sweep: Marvellous Moustache Wax in Natural and Quince Oakmoss scents. This Moustache wax is perfect for tailoring moustaches as it posses mixed properties of being able to forearm strong hold whilst being soft enough to be malleable. Made from the oks white beeswax, the strength ensures that your ‘tache resolve last all day long. It is easy to use and doesn’t offer a softening method like many other wads out there do.

Enough on Moustaches. Beard all at once. It is essential to look after your beard and in these reserved winter months ahead this is of even more import – can’t have it drying out. That simply would not do.

Look After Your Beard

To dodge this happening have a look at Murdock London’s Beard Conditioner. It moisturises the beard to minimise irritation and disputes brittle hair, leaving it soft and healthy. Translucent and question absorbed, aloe vera retains moisture and method renews. Simple to apply- rub a small amount in palms and run hands fully your beard. it also smells great.

Apothecary 87 bid a different product to Murdock. Their Conditioning Oil for the beard endorses healthy man growth, meaning faster, thicker and stronger get geting hair. They provide the most manliest of smells so there is no want to worry of smelling like a girl; an annoyance a gent can do without. It is suggestible to use – after drying your beard, rub the oil into your palms and do it though by rubbing it into your skin and also from head to foot your beard, using a comb or fingers you can now move on to whatever plucky style you so desire for your beard.

Beard & Moustache Maintenance

Alex Froloff

Beard & Moustache Maintenance

Beard & Moustache Maintenance

Beard & Moustache Maintenance