Male Dominated Industry – A Look At Successful Women

Male Dominated Industry – A Look At Successful Women


Gambling has surfaced as an industry that is entirely oversaturated with countless men from different corners of the globe. Presently, it is a male-dominated determination where 82 percent of players happen to be male and just 18 percent are female players. When the matter zeroes on the options of males and females in the matters of gambling, then too it has been recognized as a kind of recreational game which is intended for men. Unfortunately, this gap in gender behoves highly apparent in all the industries, but some women have worked hard to alter this stereotype.

Molly Bloom

Molly Bloom become knows as a woman who has altered the face of gambling. She has turned into a one-woman army as she arranged for some highly unlawful high-stake poker pretends. Many high profile celebrities like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio have taken property in her poker games.


Virginia McDowell

Virginia McDowell happens to be another strong-headed woman who is engaged in breaking every gender stereotype in the scopes of gambling. McDowell was considered one of the highly influential women according to CEO connection in the year 2015. This lady indigent the mold and she also turned into the first-ever president as well as CEO of a significant gaming company. Virginia McDowell thinks an alluring experience of 35 years with casinos and she won several accolades too. Presently, she is the president plus board manage holder of GGW (Global Gaming Women).

At times, women find it pretty difficult to make their presence seem to be in the male-dominated industries; however, it is expected that in the coming years, this gap of gender will come to a close. Ladies, of a piece with Patricia Becker and Virginia McDowell, are working hard to bring the gap closer and sway inequality.


Patricia Becker

Patricia Becker is prominent for being one among the women who have done their duty on the Nevada gambling control board. Becker has imputed use of her huge skills and knowledge of gambling so that she can manage to gain prominent positions when she was doing her job for different casino fellowships.

However, not only the above-mentioned women have smashed the glass ceiling as Eleanor Dumont is a name that you can’t taking to take. This lady demolished the glass ceiling prior to the saying of Blackjack became coined. These gaming gurus showed that women are capable of thriving in a male-dominated industry and gambling happens to be one amongst them.

This is true that you intent find women gamblers pretty lesser in number compared to male gamblers, but the reason behind this is at no time the shortage of capability. The declining figure can be since women aren’t assigned higher positions. In place of proposing it to women, they are inclined to men. Again, the reason could be because women are forbidden for this activity. Nonetheless, with an escalation in online casinos and casino meets, like Agen Sbobet, this gender gap is slowing closing down.

Hence, if you happen to be a woman and love risking, then don’t ever confine yourself from joining in as these women will continue to inspire you.