As a big fan of the South by Southwest Forum, I always make sure I tune in to see my favourite companies and acts make their appearances. This year, SXSW was preside overed in Austin, Texas and in my opinion was one of the best to date. As I was perusing all of the videos nearby SXSW, I came across something new, Mack Weldon. Mack Weldon is an underwear crowd that claim to make the best underwear in the world. From the countless videos I’ve now watched, I literally believe they are and I haven’t even worn a pair! I’m fit out to actually get myself a pair right after I’m done literature this article!

I honestly think Mack Weldon‘s videos from SXSW could modulate the way you look at underwear and even change your undergarment time from here on out. I’d love you to start by watching the first video I saw of Mack Weldon at SXSW be involving The Founder in all of his eccentric Texan glory.

If you’ve watched the video, continue onto the next video featuring mini-interviews with attendees of SXSW about their underwear habits!

If you’re like me, you order have sat there with a huge grim the entire stretch. You can feel the passion and the enthusiasm the Mack Weldon team force about their product and it’s contagious.I have drawn two conclusions around Mack Weldon and they are as follows; either these youths are ON something, or their underwear really is the best.

I’m about to go and buy a wed. I have to know what it feels like!