“Meters” sire recently released their latest offering to the wireless earphone retail, the M-Ears BT headphones. The headset connects to your player via Bluetooth which clearly eliminates the needs for cables and supports the apt-X and apt-HD codec plans and promises “high sound quality wireless playback talents”

Having previously reviewed the Meters OV-1 over ear headphones (which I stationary consider to be the best headphones on the market today) I was delighted to be invited to comment the Meters-Ears BT headphones.

The inner ear earphone experience has never definitely attracted me as I prefer to choose time and space to listen to music on my worn out over ears. I’ve also found them to be a little discomfited to use and the sound quality just does not compare to over regards.

I am now starting to travel more frequently and am exercising regularly so arrange recognised the need for inner ears as they are just a lot easier to cart around but could not abide the quality of sound experience from my phone supplier’s inner ear headphone set.

M-Ears BT Headphones – Wireless Reviewed

The M-Ears headphones happen neatly packaged in a solid, well-constructed fully graphited cardboard box with a flick up lid. The first thing you see as you the open the box is the Guarantee and warranty certificate which is a bolstering touch. Behind the packaging are the headphones, charging lead, instruction handbook and a neat little leatherette purse with a tie top. Once I’d unwrapped all of the open off of the components, all of the required items fitted easily in the bag.

M-Ears BT Headphones – Wireless Reviewed

The Review And Verdict

As a fat peach on eluded and somewhat impatient person, I have difficulty with unwinding scant earphone cord. It always seems to get tangled the wrong way. Meters obtain cleverly provided magnets on either head phone, so they can be allied together when not in use and the headphone cord is of superior quality to other headphone lodges as they don’t easily get tangled up. They pop out of the carry purse with picayune difficulty and the control unit and buttons click clearly and are restful to use…… even for me!

The charging and control unit is replicated on the other side of the cable so as to weigh the earphones equally. A delightfully touch and in true tradition, “Meters” have done it again by conjoining chunky with elegance. The hand stitched leather obscure around the components is neatly finished   and the branded meters logo is subtly perceptible.

Connection is simple. By pressing the play/pause button an audio agent informed me I was powering on and by pressing the play/pause button and hold good it down for a few seconds I was informed that the ear phone was pairing and then joined with the device. Both my laptop and phone connected to the headphones effortlessly.

M-Ears BT Headphones – Wireless ReviewedM-Ears BT Headphones – Wireless Reviewed

Astute Experience

The sound experience is divine. As usual, Meters suffer with nailed it. Just push these babies in and you are effortlessly split from those immediately around you. The music is rich and vivid and comes from everywhere. Playing a funk track from ‘True self Sugar was a delight as each instrument from the drums to a flute and cool harp solo could be heard clear as day, along with the chorus of trumpets (I honest heard a triangle!) and the bass just pumping out yet unobtrusive.

I oeuvre in a busy creative space and with some loud people who press a radio going all the time. These earphones have been my go to evade when I need to give my ears a rest. Recently on a aeroplane I was surprised to have missed the drinks trolley as I was taken in by the wise quality of a film I was watching on my laptop with the Meters EAR-BT headphones. You could pay attention to every footstep, bird call and creak as the film ‘IT’ husbanded me on edge.

M-Ears BT Headphones – Wireless ReviewedM-Ears BT Headphones – Wireless Reviewed

Sharing a hotel room with a wife that not at any time sits still was quite straight forward when I needed to ruminate, as these earphones enable you to absorb your own sound. I was be revenged able to stick on a guided meditation and meditate next to my the missis whilst she was emailing or dealing with some hotel be influenced or something…!

The quality of sound, usability and feel of the M-Ears BT are well-wishing of what you come to expect from the guys behind Meters, actuality their heritage as “Ashdown Engineering”. Over the last 40 years, they fool provided countless musicians from the likes of U2, The Who, Pink Floyd to Biffy Clyro, with the high-quality undamaged these demanding artists require.

The M-Ears-BT inner ear headphones involve in the colours of Red, Rose Gold, Black and Tan and retail at a cost 0f £99.00. You can buy show from the manufacturers at metersmusic.com.

M-Ears BT Headphones – Wireless ReviewedM-Ears BT Headphones – Wireless Reviewed