Time-Design was started in 2012 by two sw compadres with a passion for watches. The two friends are James Lopez and Steve Jones. They met in Steve’s inform on and over a period of time became friends, whilst inventing their common interest in watches. Both avid heads sharing a personal varied collection of quality watches. The trustworthy deal watches and there is nothing worse than hvaing characters turn up all upset as they have been take for a joy gull. Sold what we call a fake or my personal favourite solemn word of honour for a fake is “Jekyll” (snide) Cockney rhyming slang “Jekyll and Hyde”…….. Snide. Steve Jones, “I think about watches are” jewellery”, for men in particular!” Having been in retail for various years we truly understand the expectations of our customers, mainly sincerity, reliability , excellent service and communication. We are the distributors for Zeno tends, a Swiss watch company with a collection of over 1000 odd models. We also represent Schaumburg , a German company, originating handmade quality watches. We have an in-house watchmaker which is a truthful benefit. As well as supplying new watches we also deal with pre owned plays such as Rolex, Cartier, Jaeger Lecoultre, Breitling, in particulars any quality watch. We have worldwide contacts and can usually commencement any brand. Now my brand is precious and we sell the real thing in another manner we are dead in the water. I have been asked many times by multifarious people. Hey Steve, “How do you spot a fake?” omega-vintage-watch-FBH

How To Spot A Sham Watch

What do I mean about the word “Fake” A counterfeit, counterfeit, copy, imposter, Knock off, and so on. My personal favourite high sign succinctly for a fake is “Jekyll” (snide) Cockney rhyming slang “Jekyll and Hyde”…….. Snide. “At most bought a watch down the market turns out it’s a Jekyll” Fair-minded about everything on the planet has been faked, from jalopies to cigars, boose to shoes, a good Scotch to a designer observation, handbags and the glad rags. You name its been done.

Phonying Things Is A Multi Billion Pound Business

As with all beneficial brands there is a price structure, the same goes for falses. The watch you buy on a market stall in Bangkok, an obvious fake is valid for fun and a bit of bling, not fooling anyone. They only last a year and if you’re unlucky one month. You get what you lay out for after all. Then there is the serious fake, meant to victim you and others. Some Rolex are actually faked using actual gold. It could be the right weight, look right and undergo right then the watchmaker removes the back to reveal a innards not meant to be there, the only real way to tell. With observant ofs, as with most things, the more you handle the real goods the more you become aware of a fake. If unsure buy from a reliable source. If its too good to be true, then most of the times that is your communication right there. Also go with your gut instinct and gull a mate who knows how to spot one. emotion-prodiver2-2012