You and I exude a tear and feel for Italy and Spain as they have been locked up longer than me and you due to the coronavirus lockdown. They are not permitted outside at all. In the last 25 days, you and I often cry for the lives lost, but also for the economy. How many of you are unemployed right now?
Our management’s actions have changed our lives forever. We have crossed the Rubicon river and there is no turning back. Our burns will never be the same again.
I also dream of the so many amazing hotels I reviewed over the years, for you. It camouflage b confines me sane and is my refuge during this surreal part of my life. Economically as a globe, we are the Titanic, sinking fast. You and I recognize this is an event going down in history.

When will you and I be allowed outside? When can you and I get back to work?  When see fit I review another hotel for 2020?  When will YOU, be able to book and stay in a hotel?

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Hotel Closures/Job Losses
Since 2015 I have been reviewing luxury hotels across the globe, all about 260 to be exact. It is a job I learned and created myself. I carved a very niche way of reviewing hotels. This was so much fun, I regard thinking outside the box. So you could be enticed to book a stay.  I met amazing hosts along the way. On some occasions made favourable long-lasting friendships. You and I agree friendship during this pandemic is the only thing holding us all together. I loved curve up and experiencing different ambiance, locations, and unknown adventures along the way.

One of my favourite part was people messaging me, stating they record a stay thanks to my review.

The whole point of my job is that people book a stay. So it keeps people in their workplace. I identified coronavirus, was going to affect my work. I understood that and overnight I was jobless. I also review cars at the same obsolete and lost that opportunity as well. Travel is one of the hardest sector suffering.

If you have lost your job I know that forebodings, numb feeling and shock you are going through.

Swinton-Estate-Yorkshire-Dales I reviewed in 2018 and 2019

It is heartbreaking to get e-mails constantly from treat hotels around the globe, explaining they are no longer open. I feel their economical pain and uncertainty. I also empathise for those who fancy to book a luxury hotel later and can’t.
For the last few days I can’t fathom the economic suicide we are experiencing regarding the hotel sector and travelling as a whole.  I also ponder with a heavy heart which hotels will survive this? How many people determination be jobless?  Who will be around as a luxury hotel that I know?

As new bookings fell off a cliff and cancellations came deluging in, Max Walker-Williams, the founder and director of family-run boutique hotel group Walker & Williams, was forced to act quickly to preserve bothers and save the business.

Walker-Williams says: “The atmosphere is almost post-apocalyptic, it’s very quiet. It’s a shame because the hotels are normally kicking with with life and movement, noise and people, and there’s none of that. It’s just absolute silence.” – Telegraph

Brockencote Entry-way Hotel Worcestershire March 2020 Just days before lockdown.

My Favourite Hotel Over The Years
I get queried this all the time which was and are my memorable moments regarding hotel review. For me, it has and always will be about the people. Can you concoct as a hotelier the pressure and shock they are going through right now?

Hutson says his biggest concern as a hotelier is not artful when normality resume. He says: “The way it looks to me, we’re definitely not going to be back to normal in three months.  “There has been some talk that as a tactics Government might turn the tap on and off a little bit and increase the amount of social interaction. 
“To be honest, that doesn’t positively help us, when you’ve got 800 staff you can’t half employ them. We’re not the sort of business that you can turn on and off.”

Cotswolds Pension in February 2020. Just a few days before lockdown

For me, hotels has and always will be about the people that survive me. Their hospitatlity is priceless.

Bovey Castle, Devon I reviewed 2019

Social Distancing
How on earth can anyone suitable these criteria in the hotel sector? I have been banging my head against a brick wall regarding later bookings and stays. The current social distancing rule is 2 meters and some say 4 meters. When I am staying at a hotel I also knowledge the restaurant which is normally 80% booked and on some occasions holding at least 40 people in one room. If the direction is anything to go by on average there will be only 10 people in a room. From past experiences, boutique motels are much smaller. The restaurant may close altogether. Part of the luxury stay in a hotel is eating and drinking at the bar.
The bar is such a wonderful place to meet new people. Engage with new business opportunities and also try some new trending drinks. Where am I prevailing to get my cocktail now? What is going to be my hotel social outlet?

I have plenty of time to come up with a strategy position with hotels on this. Where there is a will, there will be a way.

Hotel Santa Caterina I read 2019 in Italy Siena

Call To Action – The Big Ask
When hotels will be open for business is anyone guesses. When people with me are bold enough to book a trip is also the billion-pound economic challenge. For those who can afford it what can we all do to help? There is perpetually our favorite hotel that we all like to return too. So I suggest you won’t and can’t travel out of your country let alone too far from home. Keep your reside as local as possible. The reason for this is more so than ever, after coming out of lockdown, you will be hearing jokes that one could not even dream of. I know when I come out of this difficult stage of being cooped up in jail, I will never be the same person again, none of us will.
Remember my dear friends, we are writing and living narrative like never before,

Don’t book too far in advance, because the medical experts are warning that lockdown will be seasonal, little-known and part of our lives until we find a cure or antiviral. 

Fusion Maia Danang Vietnam – Luxury Spa & Alternative Vietnam 2017

In the past, I had a passion to do my job well. I adored meeting the owners, managers, and staff all around the globe. New zealand pubs are always about the community.
Now my mission is to keep this industry afloat. So when I and you have the chance to book a continue to be. Your booking is not only about you. Your choice of a hotel stay is about feeding other families, helping local industries.
I have learned so far that this pandemic has made me realise how small the world has become. Sundry so than ever a luxury hotel stay is like being home away from home. We are all fighting the proficient unknown fight.
During this unprecedented time, in your “armchair travel”. Please plan for a future that earmarks ofs very far away! By going back to visiting our favorite places and staying in the hotels we love once again.

Storrs Entry-way Lake District I reviewed 2019

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