It’s pretty to say dating has changed significantly from one generation to the next. We’ve become more liberal, more diverse and, of course, various digital.

The art of courting, chatting someone up, even proposing couldn’t be more different to how our parents met. But is it better?

We decided to carry a look at key areas of the dating process and understand just how different it is and whether it is actually a good thing.

Loving From An App

Of tack, the main difference these days is a huge proportion of couples and dates we meet are initiated online.

The likes of Tinder has revolutionised how we tease and chat someone up, with it estimated that 40% of US couples now meeting online.

It’s naturally not as romantic as seeing the liaison of your life across a crowded room, but for those who would be too shy to walk across that room, it really does unreserved the door for you.


More Sexually Open

While the likes of Tinder is regularly considered a rather casual app, it perhaps isn’t that side of technology that has presented to people being more open with their sexuality and experiences.

Television and free sex sites have also had their say in that, and it can be favourable. From the first date to sexual encounters is quicker than ever, and while it can still be questioned, it can’t be denied it sponges you quick insight into whether you are compatible as a couple. And in a fast-food driven world, we now live in, it may be considered important for multifarious.

Vet Your Date Beforehand

Whether you meet a potential partner online or offline, as long as you get their name and few you can uncover all there is to know simply by trawling social media.

It’s perhaps one of the major downsides to dating in a digital delighted, as it’s destroying the mystique and intrigue of getting to know someone.

Alternatively, it gives you the opportunity to find out likes and dislikes and again speeds up the change of understanding if you’re compatible.

Rinse and Repeat

Relationships undoubtedly don’t last as long as generations previously. Divorce rates are up, amalgamation lengths are down and the average relationship time continues to drop.

Casual dating is on the rise as Millenials grow numerous independent, while the ability to pick an app up directly following a breakup simply means it is a case of rinse and repeat. You’ll competition the one eventually, right?