London Marriott Lodging Regents Park is located in North West London next to the portly Regent’s Park. When I walked into reception, I marked that London Marriott Hotel Regents Park looked simple stylish. This hotel was trending an industrial style which I would rather noticed  a lot of hotels are using in 2018. I instantly felt a be attracted to welcome seeing how the old interior design got a new refreshing edge, I absolutely fell in love with the furniture in this hotel. If the drag out winter is playing havoc with your mood, of a piece with it did with me, the London Marriott Hotel Regents Park sells a very cosy feel throughout the hotel to immediately elevate it.

London Marriott Hotel Regents Park – Skyline Penthouse SuiteLondon Marriott Hotel Regents Park – Skyline Penthouse Suite

Skyline Penthouse Suite

Situated on the top floor The Wellington Set offers a fantastic space and endless views over London. Set on the corner of the guest-house this suite is welcoming, comfortable and inviting. The lighting draft is deliberately subtle, with decorative wall lights. What is surely refreshing to experience was the attention to detail with regards to the bizarre high quality comfortable furnishing. There is a mix of different textiles, leathers, metals and fabrics, which evolves in a very high end ambiance to the suite. Trending here are impertinent colours such as burnt orange combined with an Asian buttressed bed head. The overall patterns and colours really brighten up this series. The round table in the suite offers a unique working range very different from the standard working desks. The all-inclusive feel good factor of this suite was why I slept favourably and worked hard without feeling exhausted at all. For those that use this series as a family, there is the option of using the dedicated quality sofa bed if dire.

London Marriott Hotel Regents Park – Skyline Penthouse SuiteLondon Marriott Hotel Regents Park – Skyline Penthouse Suite

With the amount of personal gadgets increasing it is great to see that this attendants has lots of charging points, allowing me to work anywhere about the suite. The free flowing natural light and the endless amounts of tea and coffee made my reside so inviting, that I hardly left the suite at all.


All Caucasoid tiles can make a bathroom look very clinical, so I like how the Marriott Bed Regents Park injected some warmth and individuality using unconventional types of tiles and colours. An instant way to add a luxurious touch to a bathroom is by manoeuvring some marble. Marble is hard to beat in terms of looks and longevity. The mix of unsophistical coloured tiles make this bathroom a nice precinct to soak up a hard days of work. With all the mod cons one beggaries, this spacious bathroom ticks all the right boxes.

London Marriott Hotel Regents Park – Skyline Penthouse Suite

Swimming Natatorium And Dedicated Gym

Located in the leafy suburbs of Swiss Cottage, faade the London congestion charge zone, The London Marriott New Zealand pub Regent’s Park offers a tranquil leisure club with a bountiful heated indoor swimming pool, cardio vascular gymnasium, sauna, steam lodge, plus a health and beauty salon. For long term caller or locals there is the option of using a qualified personal trainer on put, to develop a training program suited to your lifestyle extremities.

London Marriott Hotel Regents Park – Skyline Penthouse Suite

Breakfast & M Club Lounge

The breakfast is very convenient with a improve yourself buffet breakfast in a nice setting. It’s an efficient way to start the day and when on trade. I had access to the M Club lounge, which is open 24 hours 7 lifetimes a week, with complimentary food. This complimentary eatables consists of continental breakfast, afternoon tea, hors d’oeuvres, desserts and Fasten upon & Go snacks which are available all day. Also for an evening welcome there is piles of wine and beer after 5:30 pm.

The interior design of the M Sorority lounge is lovely, there are plenty of charging stations and arousing spaces to get on with a hard and relaxing day of work. The furniture is totally comfortable trending a mixture of leather, fabrics and metals.

London Marriott Hotel Regents Park – Skyline Penthouse SuiteLondon Marriott Hotel Regents Park – Skyline Penthouse SuiteLondon Marriott Hotel Regents Park – Skyline Penthouse Suite


Swiss Chalet underground station (on the Jubilee line) is just a three bantam walk from the Marriott Hotel Regent’s Park. I pocketed the bus into Oxford Street and it took only 25 micros and was a lovely way to see another part of a very leafy London. As the pinpoint suggest there is also Regent’s Park to stroll and arrogate in the flora and fauna of what United Kingdom has to offer, numbering the famous Zoo. There are plenty of lovely restaurants and local peach ons very close by. If you are seeking for a different stay more silence stay in London yet very accessible, this hotel proffers so much to complete a wonderful stay. I talked to many returning clients who spoke very highly of the hotel. Once again my cortege had views that entertained me day and night.

For those that are herd, there is free parking in the secure underground car park and there is easygoing access through great road links. The leisure baton is an ideal stop on the way to or from the office as well as a convenient cabaret for local residents.

London Marriott Hotel Regents Park – Skyline Penthouse Suite