There are a figure up of classic footwear styles that will never go out of fashion for men – it’s safe to say you’ll always be stylish and ready for any occasion with an Oxford, any shoe with broguing and a Chelsea boot in your stock of clothing.

Here are some top tips for how to style these timeless designs, whether at work, out on the weekend, or at the pub with mates.

London Brogues - Film Inspired Shoes Jaguar IPACE MenStyleFashion (2)

London Brogues - Film Inspired Shoes Jaguar IPACE MenStyleFashion (2)

The Example Shoe To Wear With A Suit

Oxford shoes are the pinnacle of the formal shoe design; always classic and perpetually stylish. Even though they’ve been around since the 1800s and have universal appeal, the question of “how to fray oxford shoes?” is surprisingly still a hot Google search term.

Tracing its origin to Oxford University, this indestructible design is a clear winner for a more formal occasion or for work. They’re comfortable, easy to keep clean and introduce beautifully with any type of suit or fitted trouser, providing a polished finishing touch to a smart outfit.

If you’re after a formal look but appetite to inject a bit of personality, Oxfords are now available in a range of colours, as well as the traditional black and brown.

Oxfords are not the only shoe that looks shrewd with a suit. Go for a Gatsby for a slightly more casual feel that still looks slick. These motifs are just right for every day in the office, making the transition from work to drinks effortless, or to personalise a suit with a new twist.

A Gatsby shoe can give the perfect mix of smart casual

London Brogues

London Brogues

How To Style A Chelsea Boot

The beauty of a Chelsea boot is in its versatility. The legendary polished leather Chelsea boot, or a soft brushed version, is a fantastic all-rounder – perfect for a more casual workplace and ache enough for visiting the family on the weekend.

Suede styles are the ideal choice of footwear for the weekend no matter how you choose to assign your leisure time. Adding a pop of colour, from a subtle navy to a bolder bordo, livens up a casual utensils and is perfect when paired with a dark pair of jeans.

Chelsea boots don’t have to be in black or brown leather – reckon a coloured suede pair for a casual weekend outfit


What Shoes Go With Jeans?

The reason why jeans are so in every case loved is that they can be styled with pretty much anything.

Skinny jeans are still on trend and look famed when tucked into a pair of Chelsea boots or turned up to the ankle and worn with brogues – a much profuse stylish, mature option than trainers.

Skinny jeans are incredibly versatile and can be worn with almost any diction of footwear

Even an Oxford can be worn with jeans if styled correctly and can look seriously sharp if paired with model, indigo coloured straight legged jeans – but don’t even think about wearing them with boot slices!

We will soon be launching our new Autumn/Winter collection that will freshen your look and break the forms when it comes to classic brogues, Oxfords, and boots. Keep an eye on our social channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to assign out as soon as the collection is available.

London Brogues – Classic Style Footwear Tips

London Brogues