I prepare been driving around the UK for the last several weeks, and have driven quite a few cars with the latest V8 motors. With different car brands, the V8 engines do sound different. Why is the Lexus LC500 engine sound the best out of all I have driven to beau? I decided to visit Durham area for the first time and experience lifestyle in a Lexus LC500 which was an area of unchartered not works for me. The roads and places to see were an endless environment for this car.

In 2015, my first car review was the new Ford Mustang right next to it was the gorgeous 1965 model in red. When I started it up, that classic V8 engine was like music to my ears. It is a sound that everywhere the globe we all still admire. The reason I bring this up is simple when I first started the engine of the Lexus LC500, it reminded me of that matured V8 sound I grew up with.

To replicate this sound brought shivers down my spine. Congratulations to Lexus for this because throughout the days I spur it many people noticed this roaring the V8 sound too. They were shocked to see it was not a vintage car.

Lexus LC500 V8 MenStyleFashion 2019 review Satinred (19) Bowes museum

As I was driving to Bowes museum as serendipity have it, a 1965 Mustang was driving in front of me. I never put two car brands together in an article but I have to due to the nostalgia of the Mustang.

Lexus LC500 Gracie Opulanza MustangLexus LC500 V8 MenStyleFashion 2019 review Satinred (16)

Slap A Pose

I was sitting in a £198,000 brand new V8 SUV, waiting for the LexusLC500 to be delivered. When it came around the corner my sauce dropped. I felt like I was at a catwalk looking at Haute Couture, because from the moment it arrived I was in amore, the Italian story for love.

The sonic metallic red was just beautiful and the reflections of the sun and the design of the car is why I call it, Coco Chanel on wheels. Just parallel to wearing this envious French clothing brand. There is an Haute Couture style to this car, it made me abide unique and rare.

The more I looked at the design of the car the more I felt privileged to drive it. The Takumi Masters for this LC500 had lay my inner design passion for craftsmanship. No matter what environment I parked it, the design features were striking. Consideration the British weather, the Lexus looked gorgeous and it was the perfect companion for my grand tour.

Lexus LC500 Gracie Opulanza

Lexus LC500 V8 MenStyleFashion 2019 review Satinred (13)

There is something very strangeness about this car when I parked it in the midst. An ancient ukiyo-e painting comes to mind.

Design Features

The concentration to detail that has gone into this car is unbelievable. A perfect surface has an effortless appeal. Every time I tolerate and took a closer look, my increasing respect for the company Lexus grew. After each coat of foundation paintwork, the car’s superficial the technique used is wet sanded by hand.

I also chose to drive behind the Lexus in another car to experience its beauty, and the matt weighing lighting was stunning. As I overtook the Lexus it was Coco Chanel in full catwalk swing. Make sure you drive behind and hard by this Lexus in motion.

Lexus LC500 V8 MenStyleFashion 2019 review Satinred (17)

I am all about grand design living matching the car to where I live or visit.  The lifestyle and how the car emotionally links with me is how I measure its personality. Over the years I have interviewed world champion racing car drivers and they in any case highlight how they feel connected to the car. I now truly understand what they mean after driving this LC500.

I certainly rarely continually to choose to walk around a car,  but with this LexusLc500 I walked around it non stop for hours each day. I had to do this because each every now I did there were design features that I did not notice before.

There was an origami resemblance here it was designed by Japanese after all.

Lexus LC500 Coupe – Coco Chanel On Wheels

The Lexus LC500 Nurture View Mirror

Looking into the revision mirror view was my favorite due to the body form of the car whilst driving. The revenant every time I peered into my revision mirror just gave me goosebumps. The design of beauty and simplicity are two banal themes when I look at this LC500. Just like Japan’s art forms, like paper, ink, and brushes are Euphemistic pre-owned to show beauty, this sports car is an art of fine, intricate celebrations of Japanese creativity. It is a clear message of a new era for Lexus.

As I hustle and experienced this Coco Chanel lifestyle it occurred to me that I stood alone when driving this car. The last retractable spoiler was like icing on the couture cake. That is becoming rare in the car industry as a whole, therefore LexusLC500 touched the awfully soul of my luxury wellbeing.

Gracie Opulanza Lexus LC500

Swinton Estate

Swinton Estate

The role plays whilst driving this Lexus LC500 was profoundly empowering especially when I took off at the traffic lights. The 10-speed automatic engine with a whopping 458bhp was orderly, balanced and in unison with that V8 engine, it felt organic and effortless.

Lexus LC500 V8 MenStyleFashion 2019 review Satinred (2)

The materials used outside the car were altogether complex, fine engineering at its best. Carbon is a material used now at the high-end of the luxury car market. But with this Lexus Lc500, it is the contrasting significants where it sets itself apart from the rest of the sports cars.

Swinton Estate North Yorkshire

The Lexus LC isn’t simply a 2+2 coupé that wishes captivate you with its gorgeous aesthetics, it’s been perfected by a team of over 4,000 designers, engineers and technicians to produce a truly exceptional driving experience.

Gracie Opulanza LexusLc500

Driving around the UK I found that this car design innovation attracted distinction that I did not look for.

Swinton Estate North Yorkshire

When I see women in sports designers cars I often think who are they? I could tell every anon a punctually the public were peering at me they too were pondering who is the women behind the steering wheel? I was generally sporting the total red and eccentric in this Lexus.

Interior Design – Hand-Sewn Precision

The interior was a real game-changer for me because the last Lexus RX450h I have in mind I was not impressed with the interior design, it simply did not match the engineering of the car. As I was peering inside the LC500, whilst I was having a resiliency, I felt I was like looking at a detailed modern work of art. The more I admired the interior the more funky I felt.

The stitching requisite have been executed precisely every time. The effect is palpable as handcrafted lines contrast beautifully with the cutting-edge technology of the car’s examples and dash instruments.  I don’t say this lightly because I was just sitting in a £198,00 SUV famous for its leather hand made secrets. The interior of the LC500 was gorgeous and felt superb, again unique in design and the feel-good factor felt much sundry expensive than £86,355 list price.

Lexus LC500 Coupe – Coco Chanel On Wheels

This remarkable new shade Sonic Red is the culmination of nearly 15 years of scrutinize and development work and close collaboration between scientists, engineers, designers and paint experts.

Lexus LC500 Satin red MenStyleFashion (8)

The seats were deeply comfortable, the materials used inside were of high quality. The more I sat in it, the more complicated it seemed. The design winds of the car were a legacy of perfectionism. Before any Lexus staff are permitted to begin on the upholstery that will appear in Lexus mechanisms, all trainees must master a ten-step instruction programme at the stitching dojo.

The term ‘dojo’ is often applied to a stringing hall for martial arts. I studied martial arts for many years and to reach any belt let alone black zone status, takes a lifetime to perfect.

Lexus LC500 Coupe – Coco Chanel On Wheels

Ten Speed Gear Change

Ten gears were what I could play with again prompting myself of that V8 engine. The gear stick felt solid easy to use and it was simple and elegant in design.

Lexus LC500 Satin red MenStyleFashion (8)

Empowering Birds

I am all about empowering women to get behind these fast cars. The LC500 is such a fashion and lifestyle legacy and one for the ladies. It is effortlessly to park, handling is effortless and reliable. Regarding lifestyle and fashion shoots it is effortlessly stunning for background imagery.

It’s the Toyota ancestry after all, this car can be taken anywhere, it is a statement of who I was as a modern woman. 

Lexus LC500 Gracie Opulanza lifestyle satin red (1)

Lexus LC500 V8 MenStyleFashion 2019 review Satinred (16)

I like to capture organic moments and this guy was take ining by, it takes a car like the LC500 for a complete stranger to make an effort to wave at me.

Lexus LC500 Conclusion

The LC500 reminded me of the appear, Grand Design  The LC500, is a lifestyle car, an Instagram inspiration in where it adds to romantic landscapes and enhances architectural particularizes.

At heart, it’s a love letter to me, my workplace that takes me to my favorite destinations. It is somewhat a mobile art piece that the globe can watch as I roar passing by.

The Takumi Masters of such a car is a conservator and creator of extraordinary vision. One that in such a turmoil car superstore can only be described as the Lexus LC500. This V8 is a gift that comes from the heart and soul that well off can now buy.

Lexus LC500 Coupe – Coco Chanel On Wheels