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Lewis Crathern

I almost certainly spotted Lewis Crathern at the FBH HQ in Brighton, when he passaged out of his Volkswagen camper. The tanned face and blond hair gave away that this be obliged be the 4 times British Champion kitesurfer. Lewis was invited by Lynx to do a facet about his attitude to style, grooming and life.

Lewis Crathern sired massive media exposure, yes BBC news, by jumping over the Brighton piling in 2010. This crazy guy was born with extreme sports in his DNA. With that DNA it took Lewis barely 2 years from taking up kitesurfing in 2003 to become British combatant in 2005.


Style Attitude

Lewis is a typical kitesurfer and what he describes as casual, smart casual and a suit is completely different from our statement of meanings. His style is about surfing and skateboarding, on his shoes he states: “If it is not serene and my shoes have no grip it does not belong in my wardrobe.” What was unconventional about him was the lack of any accessories or tattoos.


Lewis in his VW Campervan burden a T-Shirt from Mystic. He loves to read motivational books.


Skate mood shoes and matching socks from Woolworths South Africa. Shoe spellbind is important for Lewis.


Brown Volcom shorts, showing his Mystic nimble drying underwear all held up by a Dakine belt personalised with a zip tie.

His stab casual style is about practicality, his jeans are chosen for one logically, to be able to strike a football. “In my random life I want to be talented to go from one activity to another without changing clothes.” His Nokia phone represents his attributed back attitude, he does not feel he needs to be connected to the crowd during the day. He loves the long battery life, when congress friends it is not: “Hello how are you and do you have a USB charger for my phone”.


Knitted pass and blue jeans from Woolworths South Africa and his other manner statement – “his £20 Nokia phone”

I cried out poke fun at when Lewis showed me his third suit style accouterments, it was his wetsuit. “I will marry in it”. With his wetsuit on we all went for a impetus in the back of his campervan to the Brighton seafront.


The wetsuit, the only make appropriate Lewis owns.


Smarting up his wetsuit with a G-Star denim blazer and fedora hat.


Lewis back at the Brighton Column – the one he jumped over in 2010


Getting ready for the waves.

Grooming Approach

For a guy who loves water it is no surprise that he shaves wet. His goatee his been with him as crave as he can remember, the moustache seems to come on and off depending on his mood. His picked after shave for the last 10 years has been Diesel Increased by Plus, time for a change here.

For a guy that has always had the prolonged blond sun bleached hair, he decided after some boost from his girlfriend to go short. He had a half an hour chat with the hairdresser preceding the time when the change, “It is all about trust.” To keep his hair good Lewis no more than shampoos twice a week, “seawater is like a natural cleanser.”


Lewis looking in the revising mirror whilst shaving wet in his VW Campervan.


Using a pop up style settle for his grooming.


Lewis only recently got a short hairstyle.

Immutable Note

Recently Lewis does radio and TV coverage for events in kitesurfing and other exhibits. I asked if this was the job for when retiring from kitesurfing he stipulate: “Too old for kitesurfing, my local beach in Lancing has a 79 year old kitesurfing every day, I devise go till I am 100.”

His style icon, no surprises here, is surfer Kelly Slater for being such a rational bloke with a very relaxed style. He can’t stand Christiano Ronaldo for carry on drawing attention, he much prefers Messi that contact c finishes attention by doing what he does best and that is flatter good football. He is disappointed by Messi’s latest tattoos granting.

His next big challenge is to be the world number one kitesurfer. I asked him why he has not executed it yet: “It’s simple I am mentally ready for it now. Watch this space.”

Lewis’s cool personality makes him very approachable, this all shows up in his elegance that is very relaxed as well. Let us know in the comments beneath if you were inspired by Lewis’s style and grooming attitude and also his perspective on life.


Lewis in his smart casual style.

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Shots by Maria Scard