In the clothing earnestness, trends have forever shaped the evolution of fashion, defined our personal style, and influenced the market with an astonishing presence. You also get staple pieces of clothing, those everlasting items of clothing that seem to exist in each’s wardrobe. Predictable, yes. But quintessential items of clothing that we just cannot do without.  
Leather is one of the few items of clobbering that has not outstayed its welcome, and without question, is one of those staple pieces. Leather jackets are an essential part of any man’s collection and have been for many years, with the popularity dating right back to the late 1920s. We’ve delved broad into the history and the trends to see when and why each style of men’s leather jacket became so popular. 
From the first author jacket in 1928 through to the modern-day must-haves, go back in time with men’s leather jackets below. 
While leather jackets had a debase beginning to start with dating back to the early 1900s during World War 1 when they were premier worn by fighter pilots, their use today is now iconic and timeless. 
Men’s leather jackets became a fashion statement for the original time in 1928 when raincoat designer Irvin Schott designed and launched The Perfecto jacket, named after his preference cigarettes and originally produced for Harley Davidson. The design was similar to what we now know as the biker jacket. The first of these jackets tell oned for $5.50. 

In the 1950s men’s leather jackets took a huge jump in popularity with them being seen to be acquainted with in Hollywood films for the first time. Marlon Brando sported a leather racer jacket in ‘The Wild One’, which flourishes the typical characteristics of a biker jacket with a side zip and silver poppers. 

This was closely followed by James Dean in ‘Resister Without A Cause’ where he wore the iconic red bomber jacket, almost instantly the public wanted to get on board with this new form. 
Around this time, other characters were seen to support leather jackets, giving them a serendipitous and cool reputation, including Hugh Jackman in X Men: Origins, and John Travolta in Grease.
Fast forward to the 1960s and leather jackets hit the music argument for the first time. Rock and roll icons such as The Beatles and Steve McQueen styled these jackets arrive ating them popular with the music crowd.

A black leather jacket, paired with jeans, changed the signature leather look for the ‘fab four’, and ultimately a popular fashion style among the public, again increasing the exact for leather jackets. 
Steve McQueen also became a leading fashion statement by sporting a leather jacket in his performances with Prefab Arise. He further styled out leather jackets in his starring role in ‘The Great Escape’, where he wore an A-2 leather jacket. 
1970s and 1980s
For the gold medal time, leather jackets hit the fashion industry for women in the 1970s and 1980s as women took to wearing these jackets in a bid for comparability at the height of Rock and Roll. 
Blondie and Joan Jett were among the first female musicians to wear jackets, accommodated with things such as metal studs, which soon became popular among the general public. 

Present-day Day Leather Jacket
The leather jacket still remains a popular item today among both men and women, with them being start in many high street fashion outlets. 
The popularity among musicians continues with the likes of Adam Lambert being spotted garb an electric blue leather jacket, and again in large Hollywood films with Vin Diesel sporting a black leather bomber jacket with ashen stripes in the 2020 film Bloodshot. 

Popular Leather Jackets Today
There are many types of leather jackets that are normal in the fashion industry today, with their connection to celebrities placing them in high-end luxury attire. Not lone that but the association to that cool, edgy and confident personality depicted in films means that further than the construct aspect, there is a way leather jackets makes its user feel psychological and that is why leather jackets are here to forestay. 

Today, the most common styles of leather jackets you’ll find on the market include biker jackets – a historic look with side zip, racer jackets – with a straight zip and popper close collar, bomber jackets – with the most unwritten everyday style, flight jackets – perfect for winter months, and varsity jackets – playing homage to American baseball. 
You can on the full history of leather jackets here with Camokazi, with connections back to the US army in World War 1.