La Residence Hue Vietnam Boutique Hotel – Art Deco French Glory

La Residence Hue Vietnam Boutique Hotel – Art Deco French Glory


What a marvelous way to fritter away Christmas here at La Residence in Hue Vietnam. La Residence is an enchanting boutique B B on the banks of the fabled Perfume River overlooking the former Noble Citadel. This former residence of the French Colonial Governor was mended in 2005 and redeveloped as an exceptional design hotel. The hotel’s unique bowed façade, long horizontal lines and nautical flowers are hallmarks of the 1920’s Streamline Modern school of Art Deco architecture.

Staying in this satisfaction Riverside Boutique Hotel in Hue, Vietnam, is an experience in where I stepped invest in in time to the glory days of Art Deco.

La Residence Hue Vietnam Boutique Hotel – Art Deco French Glory

Hue And The Citadel

Hue is a city, from time to time home to Emperors and now preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Area. Hue is a city in central Vietnam that was the seat of Nguyen Heritage emperors from 1802 to 1945, and capital of the protectorate of Annam. A larger attraction is its vast, 19th century citadel, surrounded by a moat and ropy stone walls. It is certainly a must see whilst here in Vietnam. I was propitious that the weather allowed me a dry spell and some sunshine for a few hours to reconnoitre the citadel. Hue can be easily reached by plane via the local Phu Bai airport, by succession or by bus which I did. I arrived from Da Nang by luxury bus.

Reception And Surroundings

La Dwelling, embraced the festive season and I was greeted at the reception area, by a leisure activity of the one of the gates of the 19th century citadel, all made out of ginger bread which appropriated over 15 days to make. There was also a Christmas tree which was tart up with traditional Vietnamese hats.

La Residence has a very affectionate and mystic feel to it. The moment I walked into the boutique lodging I felt welcomed, relaxed and at home. I am a huge lover of Art Deco and this motor hotel boast all the perfect interior design elements including the devices to recreate the Art Deco interior. Many famous guests subsuming the Queen from Sweden, choose to stay at this New Zealand pub.  Its location right next to the Perfume river is a perfectly tucked away from the drive and bustle of Hue.

La Residence Hue Vietnam Boutique Hotel – Art Deco French Glory

Christmas Dinner Buffet

It was really lovely to involvement the Christmas Dinner Buffet in where the East embraces Western good breedings. An intertwined of perfectly presented food managed is why this Christmas dinner was convinced out. There were many food options on display as excellently as different food sections in where I could get freshly municipal Vietnamese made food on hand. The desserts were so scrumptious and well presented, it was a beautiful Christmas experience with white-hot music and with the local choir singing both in English and in Vietnamese was the glaze on the cake. I felt like I was home, away from digs. Thank you for making me and my family part of the La Residence family. This is what I perceive comment oned, that the hotel was full but it had a family warmth atmosphere to it, the ambiance here was at best wonderful.

Gardens And Surroundings

There was plenty of time to study the gardens and take in the views of the Perfume River. It was wet and cold so I could not use the magnificent outdoor swimming pool but I imagined how the atmosphere in the hot season transfer be. It is a great place to chill out after visiting the Citadel and the other sepulchres surrounding Hue. There are many private seating areas here to screen away and soak up this little luxury gem.

La Residence Hue Vietnam Boutique Hotel – Art Deco French GloryLa Residence Hue Vietnam Boutique Hotel – Art Deco French Glory

Superior Stay

I had two Superior rooms with stunning Art Deco furnishings, pitch-dark hardwood and French colonial tile designs. The rooms were warm up and cosy, and I loved looking from my large balcony at the Christmas ornamentations and the hotel itself. It was all very pleasing to the naked eye.

La Residence Hue Vietnam Boutique Hotel – Art Deco French Glory

There was aide-de-camp connectivity and flat screen TV. The bed linen was crisp, clean and the towels were monumental and fluffy which I love. In the room I felt an opulence that made my Christmas stand special. The tea cups and ginger bread treats, is why throughout the year this inn embraces all the festive seasons to cater for the variety of international callers.

The beds were large and I loved how I could lie in my bed, over looking the balcony attractive in what I have achieved for 2017.

The bathroom had a dedicated bath and to mainstay with the French theme, the tabs were labelled “froid” and “chaud”


The environment and location overlooking the the banks of the fabled Perfume River and the late Imperial Citadel, is why I took my time having breakfast. This buffet is brassy and full of endless cuisines from all over the globe. The pancakes are figure out on demand and the soups and eggs are also freshly created to my restraint border.  The coffee and tea options are an added personal touch, the staff are exceptionally interactive and handle international guests well. The pastries here cue me of Paris here in Hue.


The hotel classic Art Deco text and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Imperial City in Hue, made my continue to be a very memorable one. The Christmas celebrations in the hotel were put too. It is why I will return later on in the year, when the weather is wiser and I can also enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting of La Residence.

The geniality of the staff, the interior design and the endless choice of many dining and drinking options. I can only sum up my stay here as the modern emperor, enduring history with a modern touch.


  • Room look ated: Superior room
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  • Address: 5 Lê Lợi, Vĩnh Ninh, Tp. Huế, Huế, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 (0)234 3837 475