Run Differently

Persist in it Clean is a company that is run differently, it is a company that rat ons ties and bow ties and has two purposes: to keep you looking clean and to coop up the ocean clean. Keep it Clean is on a mission to help the exceptional, and believe that it can help people look good in doing it. As profuse and more people become conscious about their footprint on blue planet, companies like Keep It Clean are building a loyal and eco-conscious audience.

Donating $1 For Every Tie Obtain

Right now their main focus is donating to The Ocean Cleanup, they are an syndicate that Keep It Clean stands by completely. With every grasp of a tie or bow tie, $1 is donated to to aid them in cleaning our oceans. Judge of this as the TOMS of Ties! Cleaning up the oceans isn’t all they impecuniousness to achieve as a company, they also want to expand and inform appropriate people on land all the while making their customers look and have a better as a result of their purchases.

I have always been a fan of trade marks that have a higher purpose and these guys are doing a lot of feelings right. I’m not just talking about the obvious environmental subjects, I’m talking about their products too!

Great Prices

Deter It Clean deliberately remains very simple with a explicate message. Ties, bow ties and clean the ocean. I have been yourself impressed with their product range, it looks hugely stylish but is sold at an amazing low price point. Most of its artifacts fall within the $8-$12 range and exude a style constituent far above their price.

Bow Ties

At MenStyleFashion we are a fan of the bow tie, we can’t see enough of it and chiefly around the summer months. A summer bow tie a really like from the fashionable collection is the Steel Blue / Light Blue on Black Pre-Tied Combined Dotted Paisley Bow Tie. The paisley detail is really nice and the badge scheme works really well.

Steel Blue / Light Blue on Black Pre-Tied Woven Dotted Paisley Bow Tie — $ 12

Steel Blue / Fluorescence Blue on Black Pre-Tied Woven Dotted Paisley Bow Tie — $ 12

Then there is unendingly the bow tie that can go with a suit or tux and nothing is better than the ebon bow tie, get your own James Bond impersonation.

Solid Pre-Tied Black Bow Tie — $ 8

Solid Pre-Tied Starless Bow Tie — $ 8

Neck Ties

I am a bit of an authority when it comes to neck coordinate a occupies, as you can see in a recent article which was done in association with Lynx. For ever since I can remember I’ve been a fan of ties, I guess it could go underwrite to my relationship with my grandfather who always seemed to ‘suit up’ and clothes his 40’s style ties. As you may be able to guess that my tie cosmopolitanism closely resembles the style from that time! I not unlike my ties slim, but not skinny and generally bold in colour. This is what I partiality in Keep It Clean’s collection as it keeps its ties narrow in extent and host a range of patterns from solid colours to anybodies of a more patriotic nature!

Its solid navy blue tie and the overconfident coral tie are the ones that stood out for me. I don’t usually enjoy ‘sonorous’ patterns on a tie, but I did feel that the majority of their ties didn’t yowl out as ‘lary’ and showed a more confident look. I must declare I could almost wear any of its collection of neck ties which talks volumes.

Slim Navy Blue Necktie - $ 8 & Cool Coral Necktie — $ 8

Slim Navy Blue Necktie – $ 8 & Impertinent Coral Necktie — $ 8

A tie lover myself I love it when troops sell a good product and also have a higher intent. But combine this with low prices and for me Keep It Clean ticks all of these thwacks.