luxuy-week-bali-300It was my ultimate day of Luxury Week Bali and I had my flight back to Europe which was bang at midnight. I detest flying, let alone travelling at night. So it occurred to me how am I going to unfashionable a whole day by, feeling relaxed, energized and leave Bali on a drunk note. If you are experiencing a flight as late as mine, then I desire recommend to come and visit Kayumanis Jimbaran which is well-grounded 10 minutes from the airport and eat and treat yourself.




Kayumanis Jimbaran is an exotic and idyllic retreat essentially hidden amongst the hypnotic sway of groves of coconut trees and the extravagant embrace of the Jimbaran bay nearby. Set amongst a wide expanse of coconut trees was a newly unfolded restaurant with a vision of fresh architecture. From the most, it reminded me of one of the homes in outback Australia. When I walked in I instantly cut in love with this Javanese inspired building. The venue itself is a customized Javanese joglo designed to recreate the cultural nuance of a olden era. Nestled within a tropical garden, Kayumanis Resto is the correct spot for an intimate or to dine socially with family and angels.


Lunch At Kayumanis Resto

I hate airplane food so, I normally eat in front so when on the plane, I avoid most of their food at all tariffs. So I had a big lunch at Kuyamanis Resto. The atmosphere was lovely and the restaurant permits anyone to the food anytime you like at any pace. I had a long day onwards of me so I opted for some heavy dishes. Kayumanis Resto had a bunch of signature dishes intended to give guests a well-rounded introduction to the peculiar flavors of the Indonesian archipelago.



This beautifully presented dish was, Ayam Dabu-Dabu fragmented chicken with raw vegetable and chili lemongrass sauce. In Indonesia, you can eat the flowerets too, it was so much fun.


Main course

For my main I opted for Nasi Bakar grilled balmy rice with a choice of, Rendang and braised beef in rendang disrespect. This can be a hit and miss here in Indonesia. I don’t normally like to gulp down the risk. But on this occasion I am glad I did. It was combined with a grilled feeble rice, steamed rice that was seasoned with spices. It was then wrapped in a type of banana leaf and grilled over a charcoal fire. The desired banana leaf infuses the rice with an aromatic smoky nature. It was a first for me and it tasted delicious.



I am not a fan of duck at all, however the Bebek Panggang Mekudis was astounding. This was a traditional grill smoky duck which had been marinated for 10 hours. I can say it was the kindest duck I have ever had. When staying here, you sine qua non try this. It was served with minced chicken skewers, clarion chicken soup and Indonesian vegetables. This flavourful dish glorifies Bali’s colourful Hindu heritage as duck is the only breed of meat that high-caste priests are permitted to eat.



For pud, I was served a purple sweet potato with palm sugar and ground coconut green rice flour jelly bits, mud pastry, and banana in coconut milk served with jackfruit ice cream. It all legitimate tasted amazing.


This next dessert was inspired by the lane desserts you often see the locals buying from a wayan. The restaurant obvious to recreate its own signature take on it. It was ice cold and perfect for heart and tropical concluding. What a great dessert.

The Cendol Ngangenin, green rice flour jelly minutes, mud cake, and banana in coconut milk. On this occasion it was performed with jack-fruit ice cream instead of condensed milk. Moment again, when staying here you must try it.


Afternoon Tea

For afternoon tea I sat for a extended time, just to reflect and take in my three weeks of Bali. Balinese and Indonesians certainly conceive of the art of luxury food. I was given different bite sized foods and these fused with juices were just bliss.






Ginger biscuits


The carrot Bread, was truly unique and yummy, make sure you try it.



The Kayumanis Resto extended so many unique drinks.



When you’re about to take a bugger off back like me, you need to get that body into stirred mode. I had to fly back to Amsterdam, pick up my BMW and drive back emphasize to Barcelona. So I decided to opt for an oil massage to give me energy. What I get pleasure fromed about this Spa was that it was located in a separate beautiful edifice which set the scene. On entering I was greeted with ginger tea and biscuits. I was proffered a choice of oils that I could smell and decide which one to hold.


After the oil choice I then had a two hour Spa treatment ahead of me. Which was a fully congress massage, followed by a body scrub and ended in a beautiful coconut blossom bath. The massage was a traditional Balinese massage in a gorgeous scenery. Then the body scrub was always a great way to prepare and quite the body after three weeks of sun, sand and dirt. For me it was my start coconut flower bath this year and what a proper way to get my soul, body and mind ready for a long flight repudiate to reality.


Guys please try this too, because flowers can be a overwhelm man’s friend too. This resort is all about trying out new things and jostle the boundaries when it comes to well being.



Kayumanis communicates cinnamon so everything served is inspired by this spice. I valued how they recycled the cinnamon stick for pens.


I would spur on anyone, who has a long flight back home. To spoil yourself and find here at Kayumanis. The people, the place is a gorgeous and what a way to end a dash of paradise.