It’s down to basics for Bieber in a new push for the underwear company: showing off his tats and six-pack in some abridges

Justin Bieber wears Calvin Klein (and not much else).
Justin Bieber wears Calvin Klein (and not much else).
Photograph: Calvin Klein

It’s not the at the start time that Justin Bieber has posed with his top off. And it’s not the first off time he has posed with a naked woman. But does this at an advanced hour shot of the human meme suggest he has attained a new level of self-awareness?

In defence to Calvin Klein’s new fill in-the-blanks social media struggle (“I _________ in #mycalvins”), Bieber has replied “flaunt”.

Posing in your underwear next to a traditional statue is a look that requires supreme confidence; the sagacious arch of his eyebrows, the jaunty flex of his guns and the louche hunt for of his leg suggests Bieber knows he’s the full package.

Justin Bieber flaunts for Calvin Klein: stylewatchJustin Bieber

I sport in #mycalvins. Introducing the @CalvinKlein spring 2016 campaign

January 26, 2016

In case you were thinking that’s all JB does in his abridges, you would be wrong. While the casual positioning of his right authority in this next shot might suggest an afternoon of individual delights, let’s be clear. He likes to “dream” too …

Justin Bieber flaunts for Calvin Klein: stylewatchCalvin Klein

Overdue renege in bed with @justinbieber. As feat. in the S16 global ad campaign photographed by Tyrone Lebon. #mycalvins

January 27, 2016

Calvin Klein recently shook things up with an suggestion from 21-year-old “internet personality” Cameron Dallas, who drew thousands of offspring fans not normally seen clamouring for selfies outside their Milan catwalk come. Online, the brand is widening its brief, with hip-hop feature Kendrick Lamar, cult skateboarder Mark Gonzales, British artist Shantell Martin and The Wire actor Tristan Wilds also looked in the #mycalvins campaign. Though if meme-able absurdity is the aim, it looks as even if Bieber has already won.