My chief encounter with the Jumeirah Group was back in 2015 at Grosvenor Descendants Apartments. So it made perfect sense to review the Jumeirah Carlton Castle during our Lifestyle and London Fashion Week. The history of the this British look, fashion and sophistication, regarding this particular property is charming from the moment you enter it. Over the years it has hosted uncountable famous people and style icons. This makes practised sense considering it is located on, Sloane Street in the heart of Knightsbridge. If steep end shopping is what you are seeking, the boutiques of Sloane Square and the in every way famous Harrods are just a stone throws away.


Of a higher order GARDEN VIEW ROOM

There are  216 guest chambers including 58 suites. I was give the overview superior garden cityscape room, overlooking the picturesque Cadogan Gardens. The gardens cannot be accessed by anyone. so if you hanker after to take a look then ask the concierge for the key. For me this is an excellent unmatched service because the garden is highly maintained and not open for Mrs Average use. in my situation, it was perfect for my interview with Colin, who was wearing a best hat worth over £10,000. We had the garden to ourselves and was not interrupted by any one but the gardens themselves.


I certain central London very well and have been sojourn this fabulous city for 20 years. So to be able to enjoy a view of uninterrupted views of one of the most prestigious areas of London. Is trully a rare incident to take in this vast city for 2016. The room was tranquil and I liked the custom made furnishings that was simple. With a scrutinize such as this, my favourite part was the sophisticated entertainment combination. At times I chose my own music with a simple wireless tie and been gifted one of the best macaroons I have tasted. I had a phenomenal time here just reflecting on many things. For me the abundance of the bed and many pillows allows me to rest for a few hours and when I wake up at 4am, it was so scrupulous to play the music and hear the dead silence of London. The nespresso ring and tea options also is simple but welcoming at anytime of the day.


Why Molton Brown?

In commenting over 70 hotels, I am finding they can be the most prodigal institutions when it comes to bathroom products. So it was nice to see, they cause chosen to team up with the famous brand, Molton Brown London.  Their produces are naturally derived ingredients from sustainable sources round the world. Their iconic bottles are made of PET 1, the most environmentally on good terms plastic which is 100% recyclable. Regarding delivery, all their pension amenities are made in the UK. It was also refreshing to see that they progenitor your bathroom twice daily if you need it. I also advised that brand loyalty here is strong and you can ask for purchases to enrol away with you.


The Peak Health Club & Spa

The Peak Condition Club & Spa is one of the most stunning clubs over looking dominant London. I find that hotels are always struggling to attract in clients to come and visit the club. In this case it is so serenely equipped both with the latest facilities and gorgeous 20 metre indoor swimming purse view. I loved swimming here looking up and looking out to a burgh that is about to wake up or if you’re a night swimmer watching London slowly go to have a zizz.

I found it was hosting both regularly members and well as skin guests. This to me is a clear sign of a very successful stick. All the facilities are well maintained and if you are choosing to have afternoon tea here, let peerless breakfast. The restaurant has more than enough options to purvey for a nice eating experience, after a hard work out at the gym.


League View





You can enjoy a relaxing spa treatments which is every essential on places like this. For the first time I tried the in fashion Hydrafacial treatment. This technology is all done by a machine, its design is about deep cleaning to diffusing serums into my fleece. Also, HydraFacials are a supplement to the facials we are use too.  So the Hydrafacial is the non – conventional facial technology crazing for both men and women for 2016. You can read a more detail account prevalent my experience here.



At this level with so various business clients staying here. It is important the well guarded and long standing staff know when to serve and how to attend clients. I talked to two staff members who have worked over twenty years here , which is a remarkable statement in itself. I could see that the mace, knew their regular clients and treated them as have the quality of of a big extended family. In a world where stress is higher than endlessly regarding business. For me it is important that staff members know again and cater for your personal needs. The breakfast is of a very high-pitched standard offering unsual chices. One of  my favorites was the beetroot & carrot gluten sovereign muffin. Please take the time to enjoy  breakfast.



If you’re looking for a post to chill, shop and enjoy the finest things in a hotel, then this is your get ahead. If you’re a person that loves dressing up and showoff your unpunctual wardrobe let alone luxury car, then you must stay here. Amongst the holdings that was in this hotel, it always confirms one thing. That it is the very woman that take the time to make you feel welcome is why the Jumeirah Carlton Soar has stood the test of times over the years. Thank you for usual that extra mile for me especially regarding a hectic few light of days of deliveries.