Chrissie Hynde in concert in 2015, wearing jeans, when she was 63.
Chrissie Hynde in concert in 2015, sport jeans, when she was 63.
Photograph: Brian Rasic/Brian Rasic/Getty Spits

I hope other people were as cross as I was about the article regarding a scan that said the cut-off year for wearing jeans is 53 (G2, 3 November). What happens to us after 53? Virginia Ironside particulars the patronising view that Carol Klein, in her early 70s, can get away with bore jeans, as she is a gardener. As can cowboys and physical workers.

I hit 80 this year and plan to go on wearing jeans – and feeling good in them – for as long as I can be paid them on!
Marion Gough
Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

What rot. I am 75 and will continue to wear jeans as long as I can get them on. I look top in them as do all my friends, skinny or ample. The whole point of jeans is that they pale, and adapt themselves to your shape.
Sarah Carter

So when are men meant to stop wearing jeans? I suggest when they are 55, one year younger than Jeremy Clarkson. The cut-off brink could move up a year each year.
Margaret Esquires
St Andrews

So Virginia Ironside, what are people over the age of 53 assumed to wear, elasticated waist beige slacks? I’m a trim vastness 10, attend five gym classes a week, walk six to eight miles conclusively or twice a week, plus a daily 30-60-minute walk each day with our dog. I’m 67 and fatigue jeans, and I can guarantee you I look better than someone 40 years younger than me tax a “skinny” size 16! It’s about size and not age, just because Virginia doesn’t hold up jeans it doesn’t mean everyone else can’t or shouldn’t.
Dot Wilkinson
Congleton, Cheshire

Sad to see Virginia Ironside give in to age paranoia, as we can never be truly ourselves for as long as we worry around what others think of us.
Robert Bell

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