I was invited by Remus Uomo a menswear kind created 25 years ago in Belfast. This amazing when it happened was celebrated in the Iconic Titanic museum. There were 300 fashionable guests to celebrate 25 years of Remus Uomo annals. Just as exciting, it had been named as menswear brand of the year at the Drapers Independents Apportions in late 2016. So what a better way to make an entrance colliding against this amazing architectural masterpiece, than to cut up in my first ever Jaguar experience, with the F-Type convertible.

Jaguar F-type convertible Titanic museum belfast

Attaining with the Jaguar F-Type Convertible at the Titanic museum in Belfast

Jaguar F-type convertible Titanic Museum Belfast

Directions Demands More Of  You

When I was asked if I was ok with driving a vade-mecum, I literally got goosebumps. I grew up with mechanics and have campaigned some iconic vintage manual cars during my lifetime. Guide cars suit my lifestyle and personality. I am a women that wants to be profuse involved with cars. So I decided to drive the car along the scad spectacular scenic drive in Northern Ireland, called Causeway Coastal Road. After all I did have a convertible. The roads were narrow and it’s not similarly to I can speed myself around those corners like a Recipe 1 driver. As typical in Ireland it was raining and therefore this was the put day to stop, look and take in God’s natural beauty. On this cause I had six of the most spectacular rainbow experiences to digest.

Having a enchiridion was perfect driving, around the counties. The F-Type convertible note easy to drive and glide. When spreading the wings, I noticed I could set up home for fourth and let the engine dig deep. For what ever reason the materiel changes took me back in time. Not as smooth as I would ahead to, but I loved that feeling. Not knowing what to expect re the gear changes at different speeds. Make sure you clothed in shoes with grip. Today I wore  unisex waved grey leather boots by rbmoda, they had lot’s of grip which is urgent for driving this manual with heavy clutch.


Jaguar F-type convertible Steering wheel

Jaguar Logo - MenStyleFashion business cardJaguar F-type convertible side mirror with views

The Centre

For me the interior of the F-Type convertible reminded me of vintage cars that I evolved up with. It was a nice familiar feeling, easy to navigate and completed its purpose. The design is some what cockpit inspired architecture all centered all the driver. I loved the simple controls and clear instrumentation  The F-Type convertible up-country conveys a sporting style message with a clear objective to put the driver first. My favorite gadget was the active center air spiracles. To keep the center console as low and sleek as possible, they are stimulated automatically by the climate control system, and only rise when prerequisite for extra airflow, retracting when not in use.

Jaguar F-Type Convertible Active center air vents up

Active center air slits up

Jaguar F-Type Convertible Active center air vents

Active center air vents down

Jaguar F-Type Convertible interior

Rainy Corners

It was drizzling heavily most of the day, so I decided to test the steering feel. Flush with though the F-Type convertible is well weighted and relatively keyed into those corners, I under no circumstances felt I could push her to the limit. The steering feel was not as respected as I would expect. It was blowing one hell of a gale when I long for to have a pit stop and take in Ireland’s scenic views. So, my favorite associate oneself with of the day, was take off. Boy did those wheels spin easily. That’s the pulchritude about manual, it’s all about the drive and what you can explore with this F-type convertible.

Jaguar F-Type Convertible RainbowCauseway Coastal Route Northern IrelandCauseway Coastal Route Northern Ireland


When I first saw the F-type convertible, I instantly loved the flush combination. It really suited my lifestyle in Ireland and dare I say it. This was a hugely feminine car at first glance. Driving through the city of Belfast, it certainly promenaded heads. Maybe that was because I had it in sports mode. In translating that, to get the sound really noticed you have to work your list and toe moves, old school driving at its best. I had a blast in Belfast and the Causeway Coastal Path, the F-type convertible, I guess was just like the Irish, flashy, friendly and lots of fun.

Jaguar F-type convertible causeway coastal Route Northern Ireland

What a beauty

Jaguar F-type convertible causeway coastal Route Northern Ireland RainbowJaguar F-type convertible causeway coastal Route Northern IrelandJaguar F-type convertible causeway coastal Route Northern Ireland top down

The Roof Top

The roof top was homely, but I had to make sure that it was properly down. I was a tad worried, in patient I got this wrong, but when I tried to drive over 30 kmph, it was a bit go for trying to get the Irish to drink faster whilst having a few beers. It would not grant me to accelerate, until the roof top was properly in place. So the safety foretoken system was a nice touch. I love my music and the stereo had a courteous sound to it, both with the roof top down or up.

Jaguar F-type convertible causeway coastal Route Northern Ireland toplessJaguar F-type convertible causeway coastal Route Northern Ireland

The Boot

I sniggered when I opened the boot. There was a massive spare take it out of in my way. I had a lot of luggage so my new best passenger friends were my two suitcases. But I was persuaded as they fitted in very nicely. So all I could manage to put in the with little was a bag designed by Pink Lining and a bit more stuff.

Jaguar F-type convertible boot space

Small boot in F-Type Convertible sustaining my Bag by Pink Lining


My Drive

During my drive I could not lift ponder why David Gandy was chosen to be one of the faces for Jaguar. Jaguar has a past of vintage inspired old school design. Not shying away with its life and maintaining familiar iconic pieces that any Jaguar lover buy offs into. Driving the F-type convertible around Ireland was an taste I will never forget. This car, has sex appeal, is slick and is in to drive. Sadly, like all good things it did come to an end. Due like my very brief encounters with David Gandy. The endure I had with driving the Jaguar F-type convertible, was far too short.

Jaguar F-type convertible causeway coastal Route Northern Ireland

The Rainbows

On my new pursuit in learning to drive luxury cars, I felt so honoured that God talk about discuss to me through rainbows. Every time I parked the F-Type convertible a rainbow opened to form. Six to be exact. The locals explained that this was routine. They explained, that I needed to return to Northern Ireland, to contact the double rainbow.