Jacamo Make Over – Flower Power Look

Jacamo Make Over – Flower Power Look


MenStyleFashion photographer Gareth Greggs reads his opinion on a style make over from Jacamo. This early it is a floral look with jeans.

Flower Power

I assume its really nice that when I get clothes from FBH to judgement. This time I got a floral shirt, t-shirt and jeans from Jacamo, and this is in actuality a combination I would wear myself. So here you have my memories on the flower power shirt, the T-shirt and Jeans that mould the complete make over.

Label J Floral Print Shirt – Denim

The winsome thing about this shirt is that it’s a touch over-sized. This way you can fatigue at over a T-shirt and have it un-buttoned to create a nice tranquil look. The patterns aren’t too overbearing which is cool so you got that soupon of Hawaiian shirt without looking like you`re off to a Maimi Foible party. The fabric is of good quality and since I have been unexploded in it after a few washes ,the shirt has kept its shape nicely.

Charcoal Dull T-Shirt

The T-shirt is a kind of charcoal grey and you can’t really see it thoroughly in the pictures. There is light detail of white specks that juxtaposes it off nicely. It’s well cut too which I seem to find incredibly eagerly when shopping for T-shirts. It combines will with the Floral Language Shirt as can be seen.

Black Slim Cut Jeans

I don’t normally get a kick out of slim cut jeans. My hips are way too big for them but these are a touched at ease on the legs and actually look rather good rolled up to the knee too. The cut seems to action my shape nicely and the black has stayed black despite a few rises.

So all round an excellent set of clothes that will be great for those Indian summers when those boozy evenings start to get a scrap bit cold.

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