The internet has been up in arms over the label’s plain white cotton top, but, shockingly, it doesn’t come confining to being the world’s most expensive T-shirt

Yours for a only £270: Prada’s white T-shirt.
Photograph: Prada

Entitle: Prada logo piqué T-shirt.

Appearance: Literally valid a white T-shirt.

Price: £270.

*Spits coffee everywhere* What?

I’m ill-starred, I think you forgot a decimal point somewhere. No, you’re mistaken. The Prada logo piqué T-shirt gets two hundred and seventy pounds.

*Spits coffee everywhere* Oh, I see what this is. You’re escalation aboard the anti-designer train, aren’t you? You’re just like those people on Facebook.

What people on Facebook? The child who have singled out the Prada logo piqué T-shirt as an protest to for their scorn. They saw the T-shirt for sale on the website Farfetch, and now they’re saying fixations such as “Filth” and “Scum” about it.

About who? Prada? Farfetch? The purchasers? It’s hard to say, although some have also pointed out that Primark convey titles an almost identical T-shirt for just £2. M&S does one for in all directions £6. The ethical fashion brand People Tree has an elementary cotton number for £26.

Are they really identical? In that they are all milk-white cotton T-shirts, yes.

It’s obscene to charge that much. Is it, despite the fact that? Did you ever stop to think that maybe these T-shirts were swiped in small numbers by well-remunerated workers in ethical conditions? Peradventure you are paying not to have blood on your hands.

Really? No, not at the end of the day. This T-shirt is absurdly overpriced. Ethical versions are nearby for at least £200 less.

Well, we can comfort ourselves in the apprehension that this is the most expensive T-shirt in the world. Honey, it’s not identical the most expensive T-shirt on Farfetch. Loewe offers another meadow-land white T-shirt for £411.

*Spits coffee everywhere* I’m just getting warmed up. There’s also a Versace T-shirt that looks a bit feel favourably impressed by the Have I Got News For You backdrop – that costs £700.

*Spits more coffee in all places* You might just have to face up to the fact that interior decorators will charge whatever they like for clothing, and people wishes always stump up for it. Even if it’s really horrible, like the Ashish “American Plethora” T-shirt that Farfetch currently has going for £1,397.

*Spits constant more coffee everywhere* What’s the problem? It’s on sale! That’s with a 40% detract from!

I’m feeling sick. You’re on your own, pal.

Do say: “True style never inquire inti out of fashion.”

Don’t say: “Neither does financial prudence.”