Infiniti is a security automotive manufacturer that was created over 30 years ago with an gravity on performance, design and customer experience. A division of Nissan, this freebie car brand was created to help it compete in the European and American buys driving technical innovation and design.

Industry first technology incidents includes; Hydraulic Active Suspension, Lane Departure Portent, Lane Departure Prevention & Backup Collision Intervention Plans. Complimented with other driver focus features liking for Direct Adaptive Steering and successful history of high-performance V6 machines. Infiniti’s emblem depicts this continued development with two cardinal lines stretching off into the horizon designed to embody the forward-thinking come nigh.

The Q60S 3.0 SPORT TECH is the latest incarnation of the top of the range encompassing its former technology developments to produce a high-performance luxury sports coupe with the arranging to match.

Infiniti – Q60S 3.0 Sport Tech Reviewed

First Impressions

Instantly the styling of this miniature ideal stands out with its sleek shape which includes dynamic deep creases to show this a powerful sports coupe. This moving design is helped by the latest developments in 3D manufacturing process with an Infiniti Chart Centre in our own UK capital. The vibrant Sunstone Red paint brings the car to brio in the flesh and attracted many admirers in the time we tested the car.

With this being the top of the vary Sport Tech model, it comes with an impressive roam of equipment from Communications to Safety features. Infiniti has prided itself on quell c ascribing the driver and its passengers at the forefront of the driving experience with defence been a vital ingredient of this. Features in this example include the standard items we have come used to twin Anti Brake System(ABS), Traction Control System (TCS), Electronic Decelerate for Distribution (EBD), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and Tyre Pressure Keep track of System (TPMS). Infiniti have taken this to the next rank by providing what they call the Safety Shield Lots – Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC), Distance Control Assist (DCA), Saucy Collision Warning System (FCW), Predictive forward collision Prophecy System (PFCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Departure Retarding (LDP), Blind Spot Warning (BSW) and Intervention, Around View Display (AVM), Backup collision intervention and finally Forward emergency restriction with pedestrian detection. It does not mean you can drive without due trouble and attention, but the impressive range of systems not only warn you and numerous importantly prevent where possible.

Infiniti – Q60S 3.0 Sport Tech Reviewed


There were numerous call ups while spending time with the Q60S that I caught myself idolizing the styling and detail of the body form. At every angle, you regarded something different and this was enhanced by the sunlight direction and the trails that were cast over the deep dramatic creases. For me this was is one of the exquisites examples of how to combine sophistication with a sporting look.

The slimy design provides a low-profile body shape which is another ingredient for the gambol profile and just importantly a low drag coefficient of 0.29. This bold stance sitting on those 19” dark chrome aggregate wheels provide the finishing touches to the overall striking air.

From the front, you have the large grill to provide the cooling ask for which is supported on either side by powerful looking headlights. They wrap in every direction the side of the car providing bright LED illumination on the road for driver’s safeness. The splitter completes the view with its angler design to benefit in the near zero lift aerodynamics of the vehicle.

As you move here to the rear the design lines continue with many anfractuous features. The rear quarters include a grill to form be involved in of the rear diffuser that surrounds the twin exhaust routine. To provide a rear boot that is flush with the gas main body they placed the boot lid release button as division of the near-side brake light system. This did bring a beam to my face once I realized after a few head-scratching moments.

Infiniti – Q60S 3.0 Sport Tech Reviewed


As you slide into the driver’s seat, you find yourself in a low prod sports position with fantastic visibility. The windscreen give the impressions like it wraps around you and you could be in the cockpit of a fighter jet. The con a aligned leather seats provide excellent support and one of the more undisturbed sports seats that I have had the pleasure to enjoy. They catalogue a 3-mode heating setting which is warming with the simultaneous cold climate.  The rest of the interior has a premium look with a compound of carbon fibre interior, leather trim and aluminum components to forearm a classy look and feel.

The center console comes with a dual veil to provide all the Infotainment and communications you would require in this acute sport tech model via its INFINITI InTouch™ structure. This connected system brings a wide range of utilities into the car from traditional Navigation to weather and stock hawk status. Like all the best systems it was intuitive to use once you got your carriages around the layout of the two screens. As a result, there is a limited platoon of traditional manual switches on the dashboard to allow clean types as part of the continued sophisticated design. Sound quality is super via thirteen Bose speakers with enhanced acoustics from its Energetic Noise Cancellation (ANC) system.

Overall the cabin is spacious for a coupe and provides capacity in the rear, but not ideal for tall people due to the sloping roofline although suitable otherwise.

Infiniti – Q60S 3.0 Sport Tech Reviewed

On The Road

Nissan has an excellent engineering pedigree, and the Infiniti Q60S is using the latest generation of the 3.0-litre twin turbo V6 distributing over 400 bhp. Supported by a 7-speed automatic transmission which powers the wheels via an All-Wheel Actuate (AWD) system. I was looking forward to seeing how this would middling in the current weather conditions.

The engine is impressive with midget to no turbo lag and feels like a normally aspirated engine. It inclination rev all the way up to 7,000 RPM with effortless ease at a rapid pace. The 7-speed robot transmission makes good use of this power and smoothly movements between gears in standard drive mode. If this was a guide, I fear my gear changes would not be as smooth as a result of being caught doze with the swift acceleration of the engine to the red line. The power curve feels linear help of the rev range which provides reassuring drive-ability of the vehicle. Helped by the Erudite AWD system which can transfer all this power between the faade and rear wheels dynamically. For me, this was the masterpiece of the overall scene as it felt like a rear wheel car which was nimble and swarming, but provided the secure traction of an AWD system. This was tested in these working orders and fun to drive with all the grip you had available at your disposal.

Infiniti – Q60S 3.0 Sport Tech Reviewed

There are five driver states which you can pre-select from the drive selector including Snow, ECO, Pedestal, Sport, Sport+ and Personal. Other than the performance, drag and suspension changes between the different modes is the enhanced bruit about from the rear twin exhaust. They are relatively noiselessness compared to the power of the engine, but this increased when you collapsed up to Sport although this could have been various. You would get a blip of noise on the downshifts with the synchronised rev like control system.

The Q60S model comes with the Direct Adaptive Dodge which is electronic versus standard mechanical. This produces a quick and precise response which also supports the effulgent and dynamic feel of the car. For some drivers they might opt for the feedback from the road which a mechanical system caters, but otherwise this works well.

Sports cars in their universe come with an uprated suspension configuration to support the power and conduct of the vehicle. The Q60S facilitates this with an advanced Dynamic Digital Moratorium (SDS). The setup of the suspension is done electronically and is inline with the driver fashion you select. The system will continue to monitor the driving working orders and will dynamically alter the damper settings where ordered. This worked well and provided a softer ride compared to other displays cars, but without losing that driver centric have a hunch. An example of this if you were to go over a bump or pot hole the disbarment would quickly react and not leave you shaken.

Road alarms in the cabin was louder than I would expect in a car of this grade. Changing the drive mode settings did not have an impact on this other than a louder use up note in the sportier selection. It just been fitted with new tyres which could from been a contributing factor, but expect it was mainly due to the run flat tyres which is not an un-common suggestive of.

Infiniti – Q60S 3.0 Sport Tech Reviewed


No doubt this is a handsome and stylish design which platforms out instantly, but it also comes with an engineering pedigree. The monumental array of technical features due to continuous innovation from safe keeping, design and performance is impressive and especially for the price point of the Q60S Cavort Tech model. Compared to other Sports Coupes in this lineage it is effortless to drive with great performance and safety of the AWD way to in all weather conditions. It is not as driver focused as other coupes and numerous of a GT but makes it more useable for every day and attracted many enthusiasts during our time together. The Q60S felt elegant and growing on me.

Spec – Q60S 3.0 Distraction TECH

  • Engine capacity : 2,997cc (Twin Turbo)
  • Nuclear fuel Type : Petrol
  • Cylinders / Valves  : Six / 24
  • Power ps : [email kept],400rpm
  • Transmission : Automatic / 7 Speed / AWD
  • 0-60mph: 5.0 seconds
  • Top bolt: 155 mph
  • fuel economy combined: 30.1 mpg
  • List premium: £48,325 (including optional extra Sunstone Red paint)